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Ox, I missed your initial posting so I did not see the price. Could you tell me what you were asking. I am curious because I like to keep up with the market. I am currently holding a multitude of gliders and I never know when I may have to sell one (lol). I actually have a brand new Arenal 10’6” I haven’t ridden yet. Am currently out of water to to hip replacement surgery and can’t wait to ride it.
interested in the jazz pin and local
do you know the thickness?
any dimensions written on the board?
Let me double check when I get home. I’m the 2nd owner. Previous owner said 9’6 x 22 3/4 x 3, 16.5 nose, 16 tail
No dimensions written. Tape measure says 9’6 by really close to 23. Foiled rails but a good weight due to volan and triple stringers
Hey Adam - I heard you are coming up from NYC to ShadyDave's swap tomorrow. Any chance you are near Bedstuy and have room to transport an 8' board to Dave's?
hey - been looking for one of those Jazz pins. Im in Maine but have contacts in RI.

I don't mind the deck pressure or dings but please confirm these is NO delam (?) - If no delam then I will definitely take it!

Sounds great. Touch base tomorrow
right on - heard you surfed with ShadyDave today. Greatest guy in the world ;)
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Dave is the best! I’m still planning on heading to York tomorrow.
Here’s my number 413.896.9315
Hey, super interested in your mandala; up in Santa Monica but could make it down that way sometime next weekend if it's still around. I'll message you later in the week and if it's still available I can cruise your way.
Hey Greg, thanks for the interest. I just sold it this morning, good luck finding one up your way.
Hi SD_To zone, I am looking to either buy a Magic or Honey Badger for avg. size Beach Breaks and wanted to see which you liked best? Thanks!
Hello - Funny I am looking at all the models you had / have in your quiver. What is your favorite mid-length for small beach breaks? Thanks!
Confused - huge Brom fan here - would love to see your version of Brom's long fish - just sold a Brom 6'8" round nose long fish here on the East coast but will always inquire about his long fish shapes whenever I see one come up/offered