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I can grab that from you tomorrow. I work in downtown Carlsbad and live in Oceanside. I am free after 3pm
Sounds good! Give me a bell when you’re on your way.
451nine Cove Drive
Hi there,

I'm the proud owner of a new (to me) 7'8 vbowls. I've been wanting one for a long time -- super excited. Based on an old forum post you have (or at least had?) one the same length.

In an old forum post you mention you were liking the TW flex fin over the 8.5 lovelace. Any other words of wisdom about fin choice or placement? Would love to hear more about your experience.

Hope you're getting waves!
Hey, Rick, its Darel, that's is your Neo Classic, for sale, I pick up a 9'9, Parallax , so have to let this one go,
Hi. I'm about to order a new mat and am considering a 70d deck. Not having one that light before I thought I would ask you opinion? Thanks.
Hey Mike, I surf Terra Mar and Beacons mostly and would like a board that would be a bit faster and go top to bottom quicker (not as smooth and drawn out as the 7'6 Magic) and was thinking of a 7'10 five fin Bonzer from Bob.Although I've never surfer a Bonzer but they look quite intriguing to say the least. Thoughts would be appreciated on the matter. Of course I'll get Bobs opinion as well.........
Fred C