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Hi Garth,
Jamie Kelso from 80's here. Sold yet? House looks like mine :). Shoot me a text or smoke signal or something. (808)594-8503.
Hey man just an appreciation requesting, saw you have a lis kneelo? any chance ya can send photos of it? I'm a big fan boy especially of kneeboards! 5172121184, thanks man cheers!
Hi Shredsick,

Just read your review of the MM fish. What type of bottom contours does it have before the fins? I've read that these are typically a roll into that deep single concave. Is that correct?
I’ll have to look at it to be sure. But I think there’s a bit of roll in the very front. But the concave starts pretty early and then gets deepee through the fins.
Hi, I drive from NY to Kitty Hawk every other week, usually leaving on Weds, returning on Tues/Weds. Let me know if you can arrange anyone bringing your board there and contact me for a hand off. Dr.Tom
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Many thanks Tom.
Apparently there are several boards in southern NC that are destined for NY. Working with a few jammers to get them, and mine, all up to MD and then I'll try to get them towards NY.
Will be in touch if plans change.
My thanks again,
Mike B.
Curious if you would ever consider letting go of that rubber ducky Im currently hunting for one

Hey is this Katherine ? if so its Rich.. the post you wrote about being a Nurse and surfing sounds like you.. if its not you .. sorry other person that sounds like Katherine ;o)
Not Katherine! Sorry!
Cool, thanks :eek:) have a good one.
hey curious if youre interested in cash or i have a weird mini simmons I could trade+cash its been ridden but super weird fun board, 5172121184.