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Thought I would pick your brain about the upcoming south swell. It is supposed to peak this Monday the 13th and am wondering If I should head to Cottons with my 7'6 Mitsven OR....head to San O with my 9' Stewart? I've never surfed Cottons but heard its great and instead of going to my usual break ( Terramar reef with my 9' ) thought I might venture north. Thoughts?
Sorry didn't see this until now...I've never surfed cotttons but its a faster break than either San O or Terramar...so if you feel like a little more juice than try Cottons...or you just wanna cruise on the 9'0 then do San O...hope you score!
I have a 6'5", 2.5 thick shelter I'd be willing to part with, it's practically new condition. I gravitated more towards some other boards...
Let me know if your interested, I'll send pics if you are.
Hey thanks! The Shelter is the performance shape right? I’m looking for something set up for rounder turns and not so much up and down. How much belly she have?
arenal glider any chance you sell?

i picked up a 9.3 sightsound speed shape..arenal..and im in love with his stuuf
Hey! I'm headed to Oahu this weekend with my 12 y/o son.

Any recommendations on a local coach/guide that can hang with my son and me so I have an extra set of eyes on the kid and I can relax a little bit? We don't need/want the usual surf school treatment if we can avoid it.

Also, think we should check out Fours or Rockpiles if we're near the Hilton? What's going to be a mellower break?