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Did i buy a Greenough 4A fin from you last week? Im starting to think I got ripped off. someone contacted me saying they bought a fin from you here and i should contact you or email you at "[email protected]".
I emailed and we agreed on a price and then i sent them money. now three emails and nothing. no fin. tracking they sent is in the system but not received. classic scam. please let me know this is NOT your email. thank you!
Hey, just seeing this. No, I never sold any fins here and that's not my email address.
Quick question if I may - this may stretch your memory but roughly how much vol do you think that 6'0 T REV had? Thinking of getting one in those dims myself...!
interested in the josh hall. any other info / dims on it? room in price? where in BK. i’m close. in lic
Good morning,

Approximate weight? 20 lbs - 22 lbs - 24 lbs ???

It sounds like it paddles great.
I have a MM Eagle and its the best glider out of the four I have surfed.
It turns pretty decent for an 11 footer.
How does this one turn?

Thanks James