Your one indespensable longboard?


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Apr 14, 2011
9’2 Miller fish Simmons. Enough rocker for steeper stuff, plenty of paddle power for small days. Countless fin combinations. Haven’t been able to get off it much... current fin set up. View attachment 26677 View attachment 26678 View attachment 26679

Yep. If I had to choose one board for SD County I'd grab my nearly identical 9'0" Miller Drifter. Waist high to OH, reefs, beach breaks, whatever, it just works. On lined up waves with a little push, no other board I own gives me the same feeling.


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Nov 19, 2006
San Diego
Byzak k-model 9’10. Sam/ keyo-esqe but pintail.
Im 6’5 at 195 headed toward age 50 soon. This thing works in most everything. Very reasonable everyday use board. I’m enjoying not having a super heavy board, yet one that can still trim and noseride when needed. Very stable and confident control in turns. Happy beyond happy with this one. Starting to be in my “well used” rack.


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Dec 2, 2014
Too cold and rainy to get the board out for a photo, but mine's a 9'3" Murphy Red Baron derivative. 18" x 22.5" x 14.75" x 2 7/8" squashtail 2+1 semi-performer. Single to double with a slight vee, hard tail and soft rails upfront.

We flattened the rocker just a touch, added a bit of width, and for conditions here it'll cover all the bases. Super fast, loose, but you don't have to pump it or surf in a more progressive way... you just surf it however you feel like on a given day. Incredibly versatile.

This may not be the sexiest board in my quiver, but if I had to reduce to one board that I knew I could count on to have fun with in any conditions I care to surf, this would be it.

Okay, in between two downpours - this'll give you an idea of the outline/rocker/rail line. Sorry for the lousy quality - I'll update when the sun comes back!

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Jan 31, 2019
El Segundo
What fin are you running in the ant, velzy?
I have a 9'-3" ant with phd
Rainbow Cruiser 9.75"
Did not click with Velzy... at all.... too stiff.... PhD was good but bank & carve on the Cruiser is just more fluid for me.
but FYI every Rainbow Fin I rode resulted with stress cracks :p Cruiser shown in the photo got cracks on the first day brand new haha... so I'm always looking for alternative as they don't stock them anymore. One closest template I believe is the Gato A fin, and (maybe) Arenal Flow fin. But Cruiser got that looong base so I like its drive and the flexy top just springs you up to the highline.

Would love to see your Ant!!!!