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May 11, 2016
USA Rhode Island
Happily married marine scientist here with no children that I’m aware of. Have some flexibility in schedule (if I’m not offshore), so I can almost always Dawn patrol (my favored time of day) and can hit a late morning or afternoon tide/wind/swell window 50% during the week. Late spring - Late summer is when I find myself in the field most often. Gotten really into mtb/trail riding the past 3 years or so to fill the gaps between swells. If I could do it over again, I might pursue a career in the bike mechanic or kinematic field.

My current employer keeps a house for staff near the mothership in Stuart, FL. Went there for a week before the pandemic set in & outfitted the casa with a couple used boards to use when I was down there (plan was every few months for a week). Curious to know if they’re even still there, as I haven’t been down there since.


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Jun 28, 2007
USA Wisconsin
Golf Course Superintendent working along the shores of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin. Grew up in Oz and surfed or was in the water every day. Met an American girl going to see Inxs and moved to her hometown. Life/family needs have kept us here.
Surf here is seasonal more likely in the Winter but when a system comes through you may have 2-3 days in a row. Will travel anywhere between five minutes to 5 hours to surf. Everybody understands that if there’s waves, I’m gone.
Kite when it’s flat, as we get thermals for a good portion of the Spring/Summer.
Usually on the Golf Course everyday through the season. So all my vacation goes down in the Winter by the ocean somewhere far from the Frozen Tundra looking for the future seasonal or semi-retirement location.
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Dec 18, 2020
Necarney City
Retired from a variety of employment scenarios in 2015. Flexibility, creativity and adventure figured large in my early choices, later it was high quality healthcare benefits. Now living five minute drive from a small selection of surf spots. Have lived near (on the beach or within 5 miles) the coast for roughly half my surfing life and, when I lived inland, I cultivated a circle of buddies to carpool for waves. I don't like to think about the fuel we burned, but at least it was split 2 or 3 or even 4 ways.
The main issue is having waited too long for that epic warm water A list surf destination experience. That ship has sailed. But did enjoy 3 plus years living in tropical waters and sampling waves in 9 countries, between latitude 11 South and 57 North, often uncrowded or alone.
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Apr 2, 2014
Virginia Beach, VA
I am a 72 year old retired attorney. Every major decision I have made since I was 18 has been heavily surfing influenced. I went to law school at the U of Miami, surfed Florida for 3 years (Fort Pearce and North) and when I graduated I moved to Hawaii. I married my law school sweetheart and ended up clerking for a Federal Judge. When the clerkship was over she wanted to move back to the East Coast. I chose to stay married and we moved to Virginia Beach in 1977 where I have family and could be close to the OBX. I was a small firm attorney and I knew I would never get rich so I decided to have a family life and fun. I had a fair amount of time to surf VAB and the OBX, as I got older and the boys were grown I was able to take some trips. Almost 21 years ago we moved to a section of Virginia Beach to a house about 300 yards from the ocean. I don't surf right there, I go to where the crazy folks surf at 1st Street. It's OK though, I'm one of the crazy folks. We have always watched our money and have had a great work/life balance, advice I have given my sons and anyone one else who would listen. Can't wait until we can travel again!!!! I'm ready for a trip!!!!!!!


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Sep 26, 2013
The Tetons
I work as winter weather forecaster and avalanche forecaster for a department of transportation. I used to live in the NW and worked as a ski patroller/forecaster and wildland fire fighter. I used to surf fairly frequently but now with living 1k miles away from the coast I'm lucky if I get to surf a dozen times a year. I am lucky that I get to go skiing or snowboarding 100+ days a year easily for work but I do miss surfing constantly. I know I won't have this job forever and I can always got back to the coast which makes the lack of surfing a little more tolerable.
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Apr 28, 2021
I’m 47 with 2 kids still in elementary school! I’ve been working as a grower since 1995, mostly farming and propagating plants for wholesale nurseries over the last 20 years. We take a break from nursery work in August and go harvest wild blueberries till Labor Day.

I’m up in the western foothills, an hour from the beach. It isn’t ideal, but I have the freedom to get down to the ocean almost whenever it’s good, or good enough. I’m lucky to get 60+ days in a year; 2x ina week occasionally. Sunday is looking good, fingers crossed.
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Nov 15, 2016
Just turned 50. Surfing for over 40 years now! 6th Grade teacher. I surf every weekend during the school year and a few times a week during the breaks. I have 4 kids, ages 6 through 19. My oldest goes to school in Santa Cruz. Jealous! Grew up in Dana Point and my wife is from HB. We were priced out of the coastal cities on a teacher salary and live in inland OC... about half an hour to the beach. I'm used to it now after over 20 years out here. Trade off is excellent mountain biking nearby. Not too bad a set up overall. I work a mile from the house, so no weekday commute.

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