Yamamoto neoprene wetsuits


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Dec 27, 2016
Devon, UK
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Feb 19, 2004
LA, California
I only wear Isurus since starting with one, a 2-3-2 Elite about 6 years ago, and I still wear that one. The Yamamoto neoprene lives up to the hype, lighter weight, crazy warmth (really), and dries in less than half the time of suits made out of the other neoprene types. I'd say that any company that makes decent quality suits but use only Yamamoto rubber should be a large improvement over anything else you've worn. Best to try them on since different companies have different ideas about fit.


Apr 1, 2013
I ordered an Isurus wet suit for North east winters. the suit looked quality but in came with multiple deep creases in the slick skin and odd spots from being stored or packed incorrectly. Aviod having it shipped directly from them.


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Nov 10, 2018
I have a couple of 7til8 suits. Just got them last year. Pretty much everything as advertised. It was more of a luxury buy for me, as usually I can usually find something off the rack that fits me. However, it’s nice having a well fitting suit. The biggest pro is they fit so well, they’re actual warmer. I wouldn’t go as far as you could drop down 1m, but being so well fitting they definitely are warmer compared to non-customs.

The only con is Yamamoto is definitely not as stretchy as O’Neill’s higher end stuff. However the Yamamoto material feels better against the skin, making it an even trade off.

You also want a tight fit when new - just advertised, it’s take about 2 surfs to mold to your body. When mine arrived, I was concerned they got the sizes wrong, but after the 2nd session, they were perfect.