WTT Stepanek Regular-foot asym fish

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    May 17, 2019
    Santa Barbara
    5’3 asym fish by Stepanek I picked up at Daydream maybe 4 or 5 months ago. Symmetrical outline, asym everything else. In good condition (no open dings, some pressures and the keel fin as been worked on a bit at the tip). I’d probably sell it for $400 but mainly looking to trade for a single fin mid-length. Ideally some sort of hully type board ie Liddle, Andreini, Lovelace between 7ft and 8ft preferred. Love the fish but it’s a bit big for me and overlaps in the quiver.

    Photos attached, send over any inquiries! Thanks...
    86AFD92E-D09A-4F02-9731-4816348B9DD9.jpeg 749A9F66-C1E9-4C41-9F28-B792B01A2A75.jpeg A40C0717-9665-4F1F-AA2C-48D470E490D6.jpeg A0ABB77F-E8C3-4D9B-969A-6BCFE971B3DA.jpeg

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