Who'd you order a new longboard from?


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Nov 22, 2018
Hi all, somewhat new member here. Been lurking once in a while and see that there is a whole community of CL board stalkers! Ha ha...have bought and sold from there for years.

Anyways, WTB a new longboard. In the last 10 yrs I've switched to probably 60% + of my surfing on a longboard as shoulder/neck issues limit my shortboard patience.

During that time I've been riding a self-shaped 9'6" pintail. (also have an 80's velzy 9' that I scored from a neighbor 15yrs ago for $50!, yellowed. Rode for few years, needs restoration)...

Am open to buying a used one in the 9'4" -9'8" range, prefer a 9'6" if anyone has one here at the moment, I am in so. orange co, ca.

Am considering ordering a new one...being that used go for close to new prices, kinda...I don't want anything beat up.

All this being said, what would some of y'all recommend for someone that surfs a lot of Old Man's/SanO? I know I don't want a classic square tail noserider....but DO want to nose ride and turn. Old Man's can be kinda a diverse wave. I need something that can handle waves 2' overhead or so, I like sets...Have good exp. with Harbour and am considering Roger Hinds...

sorry for the long post, mahalo.

Try Gary Hanel in Encinitas been shaping boards for a very long time. He has a few Takayama Templates. All his boards are clean and well balanced. All are glassed at Moonlight Glassing. I don’t think you can go wrong with Gary.


Feb 10, 2021
San Diego, CA
Kurtis Woodin shapes and glasses all of his boards himself right behind his house in Carlsbad, and is an overall wonderful human.

Just met with Kurtis yesterday and ordered a new longboard from him. Overall great experience, cant recommend him enough.

He's the first shaper I've dealt with that took the time to ask questions (which wave do I primarily surf for example) and adjust measurements based on my answer (added 1/8th of thickness since PB Point is especially mushy haha). He took the time to discuss almost every part of the board and it was a really refreshing experience. Not to mention the price and turnaround time are amazing.

If you're in SoCal, check out Woodin Surfboards for sure!


Dec 25, 2018
San Clemente
Hey, this thread!

I actually placed an order yesterday. My buddy has been getting pretty good. TLSD. Tyler Lawyer Surf Designs. Currently out of SLO. Tommy Witt has been riding his, much better than I'll ever surf...I have two boards from him already a 7.6 and a 8.8...We'll see how this one goes at 9.8, he's doing his own glassing also now. Thanks all for the feedback !


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Mar 20, 2012
USA New Jersey
I worked for Hank in the 1970s yes that is a long long time. His Longboards are classic.
Not that there’s anything wrong with CNC shapes but all Hank’s are machine shaped. He told me so on the phone. Beautiful finish work and glue-ups. Tough getting details on shapes from him. He recommended I find an instagram picture I liked and send to him. Very scrambled communicator. All models seem to have letters & numbers not names.