Who is shaping Takayama's boards?


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Mar 29, 2010
Agreed, my Ricky Carrol Model T is built solid and has some weight to it.
New pricing??


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Jun 25, 2022
Newport Beach, CA
Love his boards. Have a 9'6" DT-2 (Tommy Maus) and a 10'2" Model T (Donald hand shape). Had a 9'8" ITP (Tommy Maus) for a while too. All work well and are very well built. I used to see him in the water occasionally in North County and he was always gracious. Recent prices do seem nuts though . . .


Bruce Fowler

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Jul 28, 2018
A long time ago I adopted my moniker Deadshaper.

People on Sways thought it might be that I was a "deadhead" ...... loved the Grateful Dead & Jerry Gracia.

I explained the avatar/moniker came in the wake fo my horrific car accident in August of 1990. A less than 1% survival rate, then two years of grueling self designed therapy, a crash course in neurology, and intense studying of both orthodox & alternative medicine. No stone unturned to reclaim what had once been considered a charmed life.

I had to learn how to walk before I could shape again........ it was a long, difficult scary climb back.

At that point I started signing the first group of boards "deadshaper". And in a sense, it became an homage to ALL the dead shapers that have aspired, created, shared, then passed on beyond us....... Kahanamoku, Blake, Simmons, Bradbury, Brewer, Diff, Croteau, Jones, Krause...... the list is long & distinguished.

Inevitably Donald has now joined the ever growing ranks of deadshapers, and someday, perhaps, thanks to the advent of reverse engineering, I too, will be a bonafide dead shaper competing with the shapers of the future.
Deadshaper logo 2022.jpg