What comes after surfing?


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Dec 18, 2020
Just to get things back on track here. I plan on following the Phil Edwards path and buy some kind of cool boat so I’m still connected to the tides, winds, swells. Etc.
Yep, but there's something to be said for actually getting in the ocean. Plus, getting an equivalent adrenaline rush in a boat in the ocean involves more risk than I'm ready for. The other adrenaline activities; skate, snowboard, off road motorcycles, bicycles, etc, put stress on the same body parts that reach their 'sell by' date through surfing. Going prone in the waves is my plan.


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Jan 22, 2005
Age doesn't always come at you with a lack of strength or flexibility, I'm actually good on those. Last year I was running on hard sand, felt a strain in my forefoot. The next time I felt it was a few days later when bodysurfing as I pushed off the sand to get the last little 20 foot ride onto the sand. Like someone shot me through the foot. Some kind of tendon tear (capsulitis and metatarsalgia were mentioned) in my forefoot, that along with my long standing Morton's Neuroma pretty much crippled me. Doc wanted to either put me in a cast or a boot, I went for working on footbed alterations and conservative self healing. For the past year I have been getting healed to the point that I can walk on sand again without re-injuring the foot. Now at a point where I can get back in the water. Podiatrist says it is combination of trauma and just a lot of miles. Hoping for the best, will be prone for a least the near future, mats and body surfing and no hard push-offs that stress the forefoot.

Chaz Wa Da Da

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Jun 2, 2021
Outer Banks
Going to buy a boogie board and get absolutely shacked all day

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