what are people listening to today?


Jun 18, 2013
USA California
I'm not telling you... you'll just have to come to the PBSC Summer Classic to find out... ;-)


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Bruce Fowler

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Jul 28, 2018
Art imitate Life.
ACLU Supporter –
In case you missed it, we are suing to stop Biden's new asylum ban, which prevents most people seeking protection at the U.S. border from even being considered for asylum. The ban is a retreat from our nation's highest values and its historic promise as a beacon of hope for those in need of refuge. Here's what to know – and action you can take immediately:
Our challenge was filed swiftly after the Biden administration unveiled this new policy last week: an asylum ban that largely mimics two Trump-era policies that were blocked by the courts.
This ban, which directly violates a promise President Biden made during his campaign, was introduced right as Title 42, another anti-asylum policy, ended. Biden's new ban prohibits asylum for nearly everyone seeking it at the border unless they are lucky enough to secure a scarce appointment through an inaccessible phone app. And it only allows narrow exceptions that are nearly impossible for most to meet.
Let's be clear: People fleeing persecution have a legal right to seek asylum, no matter how they reach the border. And forcing people who are running for their lives to try their luck in securing a limited appointment slot through a faulty app is inhumane and will only subject people to further danger.
We've been down this road before with Trump, ACLU Supporter. The asylum bans were cruel and illegal then, and nothing has changed. That's why we're suing alongside our affiliate the ACLU of Northern California, Center for Gender & Refugee Studies, and National Immigrant Justice Center.
If you're hoping to take action in this fight, join our petition now telling President Biden to end this asylum ban. If you've already signed, then please share the link along as much as possible. Email it, tweet it, text it – whatever you prefer to help amplify the message.
For decades, the ACLU has worked to protect the fundamental right to seek asylum in the U.S. – and we promise you that we won't stop now.
Thank you for being with us in this critical work,
The ACLU Team