what are people listening to today?


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Apr 19, 2017
I have an extensive music library. Lots of songs in it which I've accumulated and which I started when I was a freshman in high school (circa 1964).

I just finished working on a woman's computer, turning it into a linux computer. This woman has been coming into the computer shop where I volunteer at for a few years now and she knew I play music when I'm working on a customer's computer.

She has always liked many of the songs I I listen to when I'm working at the shop. So she asked, if I could put some of songs from my music library, into her music library which was going to be running 64 bit MX Linux.

I asked her what were some of her favorite bands she liked. One of the bands she liked when she was a young woman was the Eagles band. But she wanted some of the songs which weren't played much. So I put quite a few of them from my music library into her music library.

One of the songs I picked and which she liked since she's heard it before, was this song below which was from the "Long Road Out Of Eden" album. Good lyrics in it too.

Eagles - "Somebody".



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Aug 31, 2008

Like if you filtered seminal Krautrock masters CAN through a filthy gym sock.
Listening on repeat.
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