what are people listening to today?


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Nov 29, 2020
I put on some misfits last night and my pup seemed to like it just as much as me.

Like father, like furry daughter.



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Feb 15, 2004
USA New Jersey CMC
Not so much the music as the media and location(my car). I spend the $5/month for Pandora Plus. I get anything I like ad free and can skip any song I choose. I also like the randomness of the radio station format.
I also blew the dust off an iPod touch from circa 2012 or so. I have to say, the sound quality, even to my fucked up hearing, is noticeably better...in fact, far better than streaming. It's easily CD quality to me in my car with the stock/OEM system. Not the fancy Mark Levinson system.
I'm looking into how to add music to the iPod without iTunes. Seems it's quite doable.
Music is the usual suspects: Allman Bros., Traffic, Clapton, Stones, Doors...people tell me you can never go back. Fuck that, I never left.
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May 25, 2021
Southeast Texas
I was working in my garage last night cleaning up my Parallax since it needed just a little "love" to make her look real clean. While I was working, I took my laptop with me to listen to some music while I worked. I did a little searching on YouTube for a cover song with a good beat.

This song below caught my ear and it was a live performance. It has a catchy tune. And I really enjoyed the lead guitar sound in this song. After the song played, I liked it so much I played it a second time and this time, I looped the song while I worked.

Best viewed in 1080p60 HD for a laptop.

The Fabulous Fleetwoods - "Everything Is Broken" (Bob Dylan cover).