weight works


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May 7, 2006
My daily driver is a 33.4 pound 10’ solid balsa pig.

I walk it down and up for a nearly 3 mile scenic stroll, when I surf.

It is an awkward behemoth out of the water.

In the water, she shines. It is such a connected feeling.

Some of y’all must enjoy weight also.
Your a friggin STUD to do that hike with that weight!

I agree, weight does work until you’re too old to carry it.

I think that’s why my 11’ Gregg Hunt hasn’t sold. At 38 pounds, triple stringer, volan with an added deck patch its going to take a person who can lift it or own a boat trailer to carry it to the waters edge!


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May 20, 2016

my buddy absolutely flying on my Balsa yesterday.


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Nov 16, 2018
Milwaukee Oregon
I finally figured out the head carry with the 27lb noserider down to short sands the other day. I have been carrying my big boards down there under arm for years. I honestly don’t know what took me so long. I actually thought about Mike’s trek down to his spot with even heavier boards and realized he had probably tried just about everything.

Anyway, I’m about to make another like my 10’ 38lb triple pig but run it quite a bit lighter. Tons of lumber in that board as well as heavy glass 8,8-10 and classic weight foam. The board is amazing fun as is…buuutttt, if the swell isn’t reasonably long period it can be a real beast. Once it get slowed down it takes a ton to get it moving again. Objects in motion/inertia/blah blah science… I’m interested to see if it’s strictly weight related or plan shape…

Meanwhile my 10’4 noserider I just finish and am absolutely loving is only 27lbs, has a much straighter plan shape but does have significantly more rocker than almost none. Lighter glass 8,6-8 and is green foam.

I have surfed lighter boards and made a few closer to 22 ish lbs. I don’t really notice a difference in handling, maybe a touch faster whipping them around, but not enough to outweigh the glide factor Imo. Maybe a younger person looking for a whippier board may? But at that point why would we even be discussing single fin logs?

All that being said unless a person really appreciates the heavy glide feel and can put the muscle into swinging a board like that with the right technique I would imagine it would get pretty hectic pretty quick.


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