Wavestorm vs Costco Gerry Lopez 8' Foam - Performance Analysis and Comparison


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Mar 23, 2021
Can we get an actual performance analysis and comparison of these two boards? I don't want to discuss whether GL has sold out, what constitutes someone selling out, environmentalism, etc. All previous discussions seem to get sidetracked to focus on these "tangents." Let's just discuss the boards. Simply, real talk, for real surfers. NO BS.

The GL has an FCS finbox, is thicker (less flex than wavestorm?), narrower nose, reports of being more maneuverable and having a looser feel. The GL may be worse for newbies?

Particularly interested in reports from people who have tried both, or at least the new GL. I haven't had a chance to try the new GL as I haven't been able to find one yet and need to decide how hard to keep looking or if I should just pay the higher price for shipping.

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Jan 3, 2005
More importantly, does McDonalds or Burger King serve better watered down diet coke? I think McDonalds has the wider straw which might be worse for newbies.

There is never a performance advantage with a foamie. No analysis required. Yeah, some guys can rip on them but they would do much better on real board.


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Nov 12, 2014
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I swore once that I would never ride a foamie......
once in Hawaii, I had a couple of nice longboards and a couple wavestorms, 8 ft. That was Oahu.
So we took the jumper to go to Maui, and since I didn't know how big of a plane or the restrictions, fares, etc, we only took those two Wavestorms.
I didn't know any of the breaks, so it was mostly a round trip around the island. Until on the road we saw a nice cliff, with a gorgeous golf place around, and people having a blast surfing.
So me and my oldest daughter got down the cliff with those foamies, and I was cursing, why TF I'm in Hawaii in such a nice place, with chest high clean waves, about to ride this POS?
Well, I came out of the water with a different opinion on those boards. Now I understand why extremely skilled surfers sometimes go and ride them in great waves.
My ride report? Easy:
catches every wave, regardless of your paddle abilities, but if you paddle great, you catch even more than a guy like me riding a glider
not kidding
more tha a glider
second, they are super responsive, with 3 fins, a no brainer
despite having a round beefy rail, they are easy to trim in the pocket, my son noserides TF out of them, every single wave
not me, i'm fat
but skinny teenagers, they have a blast
add the posibility of a friend who wants to learn, just push them over a foamie, and is a done deal
I sure wax them up, bc they have a tiny shitty film on top that starts to come off, and there's not much grip on the foam alone
my next step is to try a 9 ft foamie, single fin, but they are expensive
if you have one lying around

and if you didnt get inspired yet, so watch Jamie O'brien on youtube riding them at Pipe


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Nov 23, 2019
Three Rivers, CA
Surfing is about having fun! If the situation determines that the foamies are the remedy then why not? I am so over the "I will never ride one" attitude. There is a time for the glass boards and a time for anything else. I started out over 60 years ago on surf mats so I am familiar with all of this. With the crowds they way they are now, we have to take what we can get and when we can get them.


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Aug 31, 2008


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Nov 12, 2014
USA Rhode Island
I forgot
Back in Jersey I had a couple longer ones
The old school foamies
One was called black tip shark or something similar
It was a 9 04”
A beast , indestructible
Super rigid , a different construction
Amd super heavy
Also a Doile
The opposite
Super light , and flimsy.
Nowadays the wavestorm cost around 200-250$ in Amazon
I paid $ 115 for a new one in Honolulu costco
How much is the López one ?

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Jan 3, 2005
Love you guys but you couldn't be more wrong. Wavestorms are a blast when goofing off, but the question was about performance.

Seb - take yourself back to that beautiful day in Hawaii and you come across that same wave without a board. Someone driving by hands you $1k to buy a board no questions asked. How many costcos are you going to drive by to get to a real surf shop to buy a board and get out there?


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Dec 18, 2020
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There’s a variety of spongebob boards to choose from if you’re intent on going foamy. Check the weight. GL spec sheet says it’s heavier than others. I agreed to introduce surfing to a family member’s friend’s athletic high school age son. Rented him a standard looking foamie. A natural talent; by day’s end he was angling and unweighting to make quick turns in the whitewater. He asked about my board (8’6” EPS) so we switched. But I didn’t switch my approach to that awkward much heavier board and ended up with a sore shoulder for weeks afterwards.