Warmest Booties??


Feb 12, 2020
Los Angeles
When I lived in New York I used the 5 or 7mm Solites and they're great. Really thin and warm until the water starts to seep in. Maine Surfers Union and maybe some other East Coast shops have been posting about the Axxe 7mm socks. They look nice because you can turn them completely inside out to dry them faster. Never tried it with a normal bootie. Could be hard to put them on since there's no pull tab on the heel.


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Jun 28, 2007
USA Wisconsin
As a guy who has his feet regularly in water below 40f, the Billabong 7mm furnace ultra really made a good impression. Super comfortable and warm.
Close second is the Xcel 7mm Drylock. Though the sizing on this pair seemed slightly smaller.
I just order the Xcel 8mm Infinti to try, which showed up today. Unfortunately, there’s a pair of 5mm O’Neil in the box....


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Dec 27, 2016
Devon, UK
I'm not a fan of split toes, despite trying many over the years... Too cold and I often get bruised toes/black toenails from them

I used Infiniti 5 or 7mms for years but they are astronomically priced in the UK now.

Last two seasons in plain old O'Neill Epic round toe 5mms and I'm happy.

Water reaches 8deg centigrade here in winter, think that's 45ish F and the 5mms are absolutely fine for me.

Simple is better sometimes and, let's be honest, if you're surfing a few times a week in the winter, your booties are going on wet each time, so who cares about the drying? They only smell when they dry anyway... I just keep mine in the wetsuit bucket and outside, like a wet dog.


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Aug 23, 2007
I’m an 11-1/2 shoe and I got the XXXL... so I really don’t know if there’s a rhyme or reason. I tried them on before buying at Glide
Thanks. size wetsuit boot do you take? I am size 11 shoe and 10 in Xcel and RC, Bong et al. was tripleXL snug on you?


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Apr 19, 2017
Thanks. size wetsuit boot do you take? I am size 11 shoe and 10 in Xcel and RC, Bong et al. was tripleXL snug on you?
Patagonia & Xcel - 12

note on these guys, I found them to fit real nicely on land but they retain water and have a jelly sack feeling in the water. Gonna put on a wetsuit sock to adjust.

also the Brillo pad type bottoms they have really stick to the wax, like Toby McGuire Spider-Man before he figured out how to unstick sticky. I just stripped my wax and went a temperature warmer to accommodate. Hopefully that fixes it.

Easy on and off, warm etc.