Walden, Nsp or Nelson


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Apr 12, 2022
Please can someone help.
I'm so undecided about a 10ft longboard, it's 10ft following a snapped Achilles. A Walden magic tuflite, a CJ Nelson neo classic or a NSP Sleepwalker. All 10ft.
I've read varying reports of the Nelson, edges catching. Also it's the lowest volume 84l.
I've got a Walden Magic tuflite 9'6" and like it. Not easy to nose ride or turn, for me.
The Nsp just looks a classic log, good value, soft rails.
I only surf slow fat waves. Since the Achilles even smaller than normal due to lost fitness. Also getting old now, 65.
Any help much appreciated.


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Jun 9, 2007
For slow fat waves the Catch log would be awesome. The parallax is a performance board which probably isn't what you're looking for plus compare the price difference between the two.


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Apr 2, 2014
Virginia Beach, VA
I am 72, had a ruptured achilles tendon many, many years ago and normally ride 10' boards. This may give me insight into your requirements. While I think under normal circumstances any of these boards would work for you, coming off an injury like yours I am going to suggest a 9' Odysea Plank. https://www.catchsurf.co.uk/collections/log-plank/products/odysea-9-plank. It has almost 100 liters and floats really well. It is an ok surfboard and it will get you on the road to recovery. What they give up with the boxy rails you gain with extra float and paddle power. I rode one last summer in small mushy surf and it worked for me. I even got a few nose rides. I am partial to single fins, YMMV. I am also assuming you have been working on your pop ups. I actually think a 10' Plank may be too large, but if you are having trouble popping up then you may need to go that big.


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Apr 12, 2022
Many thanks everyone.
Yes Ive been working on popping up.
Just lost paddling fitness and both legs weak but the Achilles one really skinny and weak.
Since covid my local spot is so busy. All kinds of floating craft , but also an influx of young fit good longboarders. Wave catching competition is fierce. Hence older locals are getting 10' boards, that's what's got me thinking of 10'.
I read a thread on Jam where people where saying they were catching edges on CJ Nelson neo classics. They also sound a rather high performance with narrow rails. I'm used to a Dewey Weber performer 9'6", love it, full forgiving rails. Can find any 10' in the UK.
Thanks again.


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Dec 1, 2019
San Luis Obispo, CA
Anyone catching edges on the neo classic is due to surfer error, not the board. I had one before, while it’s definitely traditional log based but it surfed very well off the tail and was much easier to surf than any 50:50 soft railed log. Rails have a bit of foil but aren’t extreme.

I agree with the person above, the easiest surfboard I’ve ever ridden in my life was a 9’9” parallax. It caught waves like my 12’ glider but was light and easy to move around in the water. It will get you into rails easier and ultimately the more waves the better your fitness will be again

Best of luck