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Discussion in 'Surfing' started by JMAC, Apr 27, 2020.

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    Feb 6, 2015
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    have told this story before...Wife and I were on our way down to HMB for family visit and some fall OB surf, stopped at the beach diner in Crescent City, literally got out of our Tahoe as Greg and Beverally were just stepping out of their RV, on their way to OR for a getaway.
    So a two and a half hour talk story lunch together in a booth, a copy of "The Art of The Surfboard" by Beverly and Drew Kampion was in the diner, Greg went through the story behind pretty much every board in it...and when it came to Da Cat...

    'I hated that f'n board'...f'n Dora would come in, prowl around the shop, I'd have to make sure my wallet was either in my pants or locked up, Dora would moan about this or that with the board, try and get an advance on sales, and then dissapear for another two goddamn weeks'...Noll was convinced Da Cat was a FU from Miki to the whole board industry model hype...and all of his team riders who tried Da Cat called it 'the worse f'n board they'd ever ridden'..

    Greg also talked about the fake Da Cats...said it was a surfing cop who got wind of the whole deal and brought it to Greg's attention..there was an upside, however, as Greg hadn't realized the growing demand for new 'old' boards, so as a trial run Greg made a half dozen authentic Da Cats, sold them immediately to John Milus and some of his Hollywood buddies for big $..,that launched him into making customs again, getting extremely well paid for it.

    And the other upside to it was having his son Jed, who Greg just adores, working alongside him refining his own shaping chops, which springboarded Jed into moving to SoCal and opening Noll Surfboards in San Clemente.

    Greg 'f'n' about breaking the mold...
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    Seems about the same flex as the original 3/4” ABS Polypropylene to me. Not much.
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    Great, thanks I think I will give it a go. Did you do the foiling the same as a fiberglass fin, or use any special tools?
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    Check your inbox.
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    That's a great post! I too grew up around the Yater Spoons, I personally didn't own one(back then)but I really wanted one. Many of my friends owned them and swore by them. I had a Jacobs surfboard 9'10" that was a beautiful board, but I never really bonded with it. It was great for point break waves like C Street and Rincon but way too stiff for beach breaks and Stanleys was my favorite spot at that time. I was trying to cough up the $135.00 or whatever they were back then but I was struggling to do so.

    A friend of mine owned a Harbour Cheater that he lost in the rocks at California Street, and that board suffered some nose damage. To add insult to injury, he kept riding the board until the glass on the nose peeled back 6 inches both top and bottom by not repairing the board in a timely manner. He was bummed out and said that he was going to get a new board instead and offered the board to me for sale for $35.00. I jumped on that deal and to make a long story short, did the repairs myself. Although not completely professional looking repair, it was good enough. That board ended up being one of those magical boards that could do no wrong. Although not exactly shaped like a Yater Spoon, the boards had some similarities. They had the same fin design(plastic propylene fin)and a similar nose rocker. The nose template was slightly more narrow(on the Harbour) and the step began toward the middle of the board. I think Rennie's boards had a slightly shorter stop from my memory. That was my board of boards until I broke it in half on a huge south swell at Port Hueneme. I was devastated when that happened, but the board had been compromised for a while. Fortunately, a friend came to the rescue and sold me his Bing Nuuhiwa lightweight for $60.00, but that is a whole other story.
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