Videos of good hull surfing


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Jun 2, 2010
I am working on collecting footage of riding my rolled quiver. I can't promise it will be good but it will be real. I have been dabbling in convex on and off for a while. Just recently got two boards by GH which are hull entry with rolled v and pinched rails and I am having a hard time getting off them. 9'6 playboy is a learning curve but bananas once its dialed. 8'0 Surfar is more user friendly then the Liddle/ Fineline etc that I have experienced. It has a touch of hard edge in the tail. I enjoyed both so much that I saved up all my cash and got a Creme California. That was a huge learning curve but by the second day I was figuring out when and where. No concave just step in the nose and exaggerated "for robin" rocker. Challenging and rewarding and faster than all others. FIN PLACEMENT AND SIZE AND DESIGN IS CRUCIAL. Low rocker so it's easy to over fin the board. Like most "hulls" the fin can make you love the feeling or shun them forever. I just realized this is maybe not the place for this post.
Anyway have a great day.
Dew it daddy! I’d be stoked to see.


Mar 30, 2022
Orange County, CA
What's an evo?

Dropping in blind is probably one of the coolest things. Sometimes you just have to trust your instincts.
It’s a one-off handshape I picked up in a used shop in the oside area.bwide tail pulled in nose. glassed poly to boot.

dropping in blind is fun and all until your in a crowd.


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