Vbowls - sizing


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Jul 16, 2022
Hi new to the forum but been reading some great and valuable posts on here.

I have seen for sale a 6'6 vbowls, which I haven't seen in this small of a size before. Has anyone ridden one in the mid 6 region and is the feel totally different to the 7-8' range?


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Aug 23, 2020
Encinitas, CA
From Ryan Lovelace's site:

Sizing the v.Bowls:
For peeling waves from knee to shoulder high I generally point people into the longer end of the v.Bowls spectrum from 7'10" - 8'4" with 8' being the holy grail dimensions int hat range.
For waves from thigh to head high, 7'6 - 7'10 is the call.
For waist to overhead surf, 7'2 to 7'4 is a wonderful range - these sizes have kept my imagination busy for years in the water!
For a good-wave mid-length, bordering on the definition of high performance egg, the 7' -7'2 range is always my go-to board.