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    the next paragraph he says:

    "Drift: So the Riddler is essentially the end product of your 15 years of research into advancing traditional longboards?
    TH: Exactly. I try to get my surfing to the level that longboarding was at in the mid-1960s – what I consider to be its zenith. I try to surf the way that the top riders from that era did – Steve Bigler, Lance Carson and Miki Dora. I try to get my board building to that standard too. The shortboard really stepped in at about 1967, but I wanted to advance longboarding on through as if that had never happened. So hopefully I’m somewhere into the ’80s now, but with that same equipment.
    I see a lot of professional longboarders riding equipment so closely related to the shortboard that they set the bar so low it’s easy to reach. Then they get bored and they look back to ’70s-style boards, but we already know where that goes – Kelly Slater’s board, know what I mean? So I set the bar up here [gesturing above his head]; I keep trying to reach it but there’s so much more to learn and I’m not bored."

    i would have expected something different.
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    May 11, 2006
    gnar gnar wrote:
    What pray tell would you have expected? Do indulge us!
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    pierpont-scott wrote:
    I thought he would speak on the design elements of the board, not on his surfing style. the question is about the board, the answer is about him.

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