Twinzer Design/Experiment.


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Jan 11, 2016
Wilmington NC
Going to post all info and ideas about Twinzers, current shapers that are doing them properly.

#1 Wil Jobson the master and guru of the design. He had a formula on his fin placement them only Rusty and Blue Hawaii paid him. I’ve reach out to Rusty and nothing
I’ve been searching for Will for years and no luck, last I heard was trailer park in Arizona not doing well.
# Dane Parlee worked with Wil and is about as close as you can get.
# Ward Coffey
# Joey Thomas
#Vince Brogilo glassed Wil board
# Rob Goin
# Nick Palandrani Wil mentored him and has formulas and some of Wils old templates.
#Pearson Arrow.
#David Vernor
#Manny Caro worked with Wil as well.
I’m probably missing some Santa Cruz guys but all of these guys worked with Wil at some point.

Down south
#Tim Stamps
#Barry Synder
#Stu Kenson

East Coast
# Brian Wynn
# Mike Daniels

# Minami

Probably more but not sure.
Twinzers are amazing and frustrating at the same time. Fin placement is very important for the design to function correctly. Reason for experimenting. Wil had it figured out.
It helps to know if your a front foot or rear footed surfer, this will help with placement.
Standard placement is 8 to 8.5 inches from tail. 4 to 6 degrees of cant on mains around 1-3/8 from rail.
Ive moved mine back to around 7 inches and really enjoy the extra drive and hold
Canards are the hardest to figure out. 1 inch to 1-1/4 inch gap. Can’t is from 6 to 9 degrees
Overlap is all over the place, I’ve been trying less overlap, 1/4 inch is a good place to start.

For Fins FCS are great so you can make your own and move them back or forth, can make a dud board fire. This will require you to Mack your own fins.

When done correctly you get speed of a twin, turns like a thruster without that anchor.

Ill go and look over all my notes and add some more info
@hankster is another Twinzer guy and knows what works.

Feel free to add anything relevant to conversation.
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Jan 11, 2016
Wilmington NC
Another thing, Twinzers is fin placement needs to be adjusted for the style of board. This is the main reason some work and others are just a twin fin


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Dec 18, 2020
That's precisely why great minds think alike. After riding a properly built Twinzer, I see no reason to ever ride a thruster again.
I'd like to see some photos of these 'properly built' Twinzer surfboards: plan shape, fins, channels (if any), etc.



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Feb 1, 2018
Carolina Beach NC
Is there a certain bottom that must be incorporated, one to be avoided, or a pretty good gray area from what youve seen/ridden/learned?