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Dec 12, 2021
Garden City, NY
Saturday. Left NY early and met Dr.Bill and his pup Louie on the NJ Tpk. He handed off his Pavel Speed Dialer after a brief but pleasant conversation. Would have easily stayed longer and chatted over a cup of Java, but most of the commute was ahead. My wife and I drove on and met Patrick in Virginia Beach to deliver the board and more enjoyable conversation ensued. One of the most obvious nice details on this board is the transition from deck to rail to bottom; keeping adequate volume in a shorter board and including reactive rails. The four big perks of being in the middle of these interactions are 1)- meeting so many nice people along the way from this site. 2)- having the opportunity to see the details of some coveted and revered boards and comparing them mentally to the hundred or so that I've had a chance to own and ride. {Like the original Transporter said "never open the merchandise"}. 3)- really breaks up the 8-9 hour drive into smaller trips, including the mental break noted in #1. 4)- offset some of the expense of these regular drives. Thanks to all for making this so. -DT.
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May 18, 2010
USA Pennsylvania
BTW, Speaking of a cup of Java, JAM's New Jersey member Harry, of Harry & Beans Coffee ( Surprised me with a tasty bag of Whole Bean, Organic Papua New Guinea, Dark Roast coffee when I met him to drop off his board. He's in Oceanview, NJ for fellow members who enjoy a smooth full bodied cup or just run on caffiene.
Another endorsement here.