Tragedy at sea

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    What you say about the boat layout is true. What I said was "it could have been". It is also true that if a "roving watchman" was awake and not in his berth the fire would have almost certainly been detected much earlier, very possibly before it engulfed the galley and salon area. The law requiring a watchman is for exactly that reason, to wake the crew and passengers, initiate the use of the fire fighting equipment available, and evacuate personnel. No one knows how fast the fire spread, or precisely what started it, but there is no question that the captain and crew were, by their own admission, all asleep in their bunks. The "coast guard guy " doesn't know that it started in the galley, the NTSB investigators don't even know that. They are definitely looking into all possible ignition sources, and specifically at an electrical issue as a potential initiator of the fire, as evidenced by the Coast Guard issuing new safety recommendations which include limiting the unsupervised charging of lithium-ion batteries, and reducing potential hazards from the use of power strips and extension cords. It will be a long shot that all the answers will be found given that the boat burned to the waterline in an extremely hot fire, there were explosions reported as it burned, and it has been underwater in surge and current until a few hours ago.
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    OK, I admit that I am not a boat guy so this may be a stupid question but, no smoke detectors in the salon? You would think that with people sleeping below deck they would be mandatory above deck.

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