Tilting single fin


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Sep 7, 2010
Snapped a glassed-on fin on a shorey back in the day, my buddy and I glassed it back on, stoned, at an angle and cant, (everything we did had an angle and cant, walking, driving, etc.) on frontside rights, regular foot, it behaved like a shopping cart with a wobbly right-front wheel, wanting to climb out the back, backside lefts it wanted to drift out into the flats, resulting in a lifelong bad habit of grabbing rail whether it's needed or not.


Aug 10, 2019
Southern CA
I had a volan fin take a bend like that. I let the fin sit in my car for a day, a very hot day, reinserted into the box and I was able to bend it back in shape. I was really surprised how easy it was to bend once it gets hot like that.


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Nov 23, 2019
Three Rivers, CA
It should be noted that it seems like a massive fin (9.75”) for a 9’4” with a pretty narrow tail, so I may totally hate it even if it were perfectly straight. I’ll still give it a go for fun and for the sake of research.
It is a little bigger fin, but I surfed with that design for years and though it was pretty decent for a vintage design. There are some other fins that work well with the Yater Spoon and the Yater classic is also a good one. I use both the original Yater Spoon design and the Greenough stage 4 for more intense surfing conditions.


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Dec 18, 2020
Necarney City
Cool angle measuring device, but are you certain the tail is completely flat? No vee at all? Easily checked, and the same straight edge could maybe be used on the fin, allowing for the taper from base to tip. It would be unusual for a fin box to be set kapakahi with stringers on both sides. If you don't see a twist in the board, that leaves the fin. Maybe a heat gun, or even a blow dryer, and a vice.

Chilly Willy

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Feb 15, 2004
USA New Jersey
@Sax-son Nice! Okay, that gives me some confidence for it. For what it's worth (okay, pretty much worth much at all), it is a great looking fin. I always just liked the look of the template, so we'll see how she goes.

@Niau Nope! I didn't check that the tail was completely flat, but I did check both sides for at least some pretty close symmetry. It was just more work taking pictures of both sides. I'll see if I can straighten it out a bit using some of these suggestions. Not sure I realized fins could be straightened that easily but it does make sense.

Thanks all!

Chilly Willy

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Feb 15, 2004
USA New Jersey
Update: I tried the weight method, but no change. I just went and surfed the darn thing, which I think was the right course of action. My palate is not snooty enough to notice anything one way or the other with the fin tilt. Thanks for all the feedback.

I will say though that I liked the fin! The waves were high tide rollers, fun for cruising. The fin was really nice for slowing down any herky-jerky tendencies and instead translating to more graceful redirects. Not stiff at all. Really nice on a fade takeoff and cruisey turns. It was a nice midpoint between too stiff and too loose. I have to admit that I'm really surprised. I thought it would be a lot stiffer. Looking back at when I got it -- my birthday in May 2011 -- I'm just happy to have gotten it into the water before the Deadline of Shame (10 years). Also, it was great getting back onto my Yater Spoon after so long. It felt lean as compared to some of the other logs I've been riding over the past decade, and the extra rocker of the stepdeck seemed forgiving.