Those parallel railed, wide tailed logs...


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Feb 10, 2021
San Diego, CA
Side note, I had this shipped over from Nettleton Surfboards:



Chris from Nettleton said he reached out to Dane and asked him if he could basically work off the Speed Demon template. I'm sure there are some differences but the thing goes insane. This is a 9'5. It feels super fast but is also extremely loose. No nose rides yet. I have a 10.5 4a in there as Chris said they need a very large base given the wide tail. I've only ridden it in very windy Long Island conditions so far so hopefully I'll have a better idea of how it goes in clean peelers soon but as of right now, super stoked on the design.

I'm sure the Osprey Speed Demon's are even better.


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Aug 30, 2020
Southern California
I am debating on getting the singzer fin cluster whenever my number is called, any ride reports? Was skeptical on it because I’m leaning towards the glider route and less drag/fin is always better.


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Jun 12, 2017
Ventura, CA
Tell me more…

Tell me more…
What started off as a bit of a fluke has turned into a 20 year design exploration. In 2002 I asked PG to shape a Simmons-esque board. I had a blank sitting around that was actually 2, 10'3" Walker blanks that had been glued together after having 4" of opposing rail cut off. The resultant blank had a glue line for a stringer and the finished board can be seen on the left in the picture below. We started with the Velo kneeboard nose and tail then drew straight lines to connect the curves.


Here is a fairly comprehensive discussion of the design: Simmons-Paul Gross

The board flies! Surfing it and transitioning rail to rail reminds me of watching a pelican as it glides just above the face of a wave. This is perhaps due in part to the glue line stringer. The board flexes, a lot, and one can really feel it loading and unloading when transitioning rail to rail. It paddles like a vessel and catches swell long before a wave even begins to break. It occupies a completely different space on a wave, more so than any other board I have surfed and performs best in some size.

Since then Paul has refined the design. I have been finish shaping some of the boards including this most recent iteration.


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Dec 27, 2016
Devon, UK
Always wanted to try one of those.... I recall the first ones having a centre box and two short FU boxes for a twin keel set up?