Those parallel railed, wide tailed logs...


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Dec 27, 2016
Devon, UK
.... And really, you ain't gonna be talking about the glassing, what finish you want, what colour box you want until anywhere near the actual time Dane's going to get the blank ready....

Plenty of time to get the details right or even have a complete change of mind.. That deposit has just got you a slot, that's how I see it.

Maine Logger

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Apr 28, 2021
Western Foothills
Looks like a used one is available


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Jun 7, 2012
That’s the one @DanSan bought a while back
i was just about to order one from dane last october...when this
beauty popped.up..unfortunately i wasn't first in line,
but the other guy back out later..
so i scooped it up!!!

that's what i mean..all these peeps that got jazzzed
by Dane's insta vids
.covidiuos maximus boredom
..etc...will eventually leave and sell...
and then my friends..
the gold rush of boards
on CL..offerup, etc..will set off a feeding piranha frenzy ...
Stay hungry..

i just only hope that flipper douche in Milpitas...
doesn't get them.
.right @hanster?
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Jun 26, 2017
Eugene, OR

Hey man, any update on how you're liking the board so far?

I got about 8 more months to wait but I keep going back and forth in my mind between the Annihilator and Perplexer. Would love to hear your thoughts!

I'm enjoying it! Got to surf it at San O, Grandview, Malibu, C Street and it went well all over. Hoping to get out on it in Oregon this weekend. I really like how it feels sort of floaty in the rear when turning and it's stable when walking. I wished I was more experienced so I could give you all the details, but to me it just feels right. I've been on plenty of boards that I didn't connect with.

I'd talk to Micheal and let him recommend which to go with. He said annihilator for me as it's supposed to be more user friendly in beach breaks.


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Jun 26, 2017
Eugene, OR
I got the board out in waist to head high, super clean and had a couple pocket rides that felt great. I switched to the Skvarna 10.25 equalizer fin and I think this is the right pairing. With the 4a it was fun to ride but I never felt it lock in, but with the equalizer I felt it on several rides. It was almost like surfing in slow motion, super fun!

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Dana Carvey

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Apr 25, 2021
San Diego, CA
Interesting thread, I noticed some talk of the Cherry Picker so thought I'd chime in since I impulsively bought one with my last stimulus check.

Before that I had a 10 ft. Guy Takayama noserider with a square tail w/ tucked rails, and a 9'6 CJ Nelson Oz Noserider with 50/50 rails and more of the wide-point back involvement shape. 2 very different boards, but I had a blast on both.

I sold both of these boards last year to try something newthe... which became the Cherry Picker.

I'd had the Cherry Picker out for maybe 7-8 sessions, and so far I just can't seem to figure it out. To me it seems sluggish to paddle, equally sluggish on a wave, and difficult to crank a good turn (especially backside). Once up to the nose it is very stable, though. Obviously the board is billed as a one-trick pony, however I'm surprised at how unflattering it's been to my surfing.

Maybe it's me cuz I'm used to longboards that noseride well but also easily crank impressive turns from the tail. Not sure!