Thick Lizzy x 2


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Feb 21, 2012
East End, Long Island
I am selling both of my Ryan Lovelace Thick Lizzy's an 8'2 & 7'6 with fins. I love them both, but after years of bringing both boards to the beach, I figure one 7'10 would suffice. Im enjoying my Lovemachine FM in 6'9 and will be going that route for the Thick Lizzy.

Before a description - both boards are on the extreme eastern end of Long Island. I don't have a chance to get them west anytime soon. I can get them an hour or so west, which with local traffic, isn't very far.

The blue 7'6 has some repaired dings and scratches. The sun oddly hides the q-cell very well. Send me a DM and I'll text better photos. $600

I rode the 7'6 in waist to chest high punchy surf and small clean conditions. I like my FM better for this type of surf. Despite being a 7'6 and myself at 185/190 these days, in small surf, it just kept on going. you can ride this one from anywhere on the board. Has the Lovelace fin & bonzer sidebites. The fins have reef rash.

The yellow 8'2 has a few water tight repaired dings. Tough to find with the interesting colors. $800

I rode this board from .5' to 5'. It rips. Memorable sessions were two small days, both pre-runner hurricane swells. Got in early, glided over the small stuff then just lit up in the pocket. Big cut backs on small waves felt great. Also, in bigger, not huge, ground swell, it felt like a lively boat going down the line. High lines, rebounds, cheaters. I love this board and have a tough time letting it go but I'm leaning towards a slightly smaller version. Tried a bunch of side bites but I liked it as a single fin. Also felt great backside when standing on the tail of the board. Has lovelace volan with some reef rash.



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Nov 15, 2021
Rhode Island
Let us know how that 7'10 rides, very curious about that size as I am in the same boat with these 2 sizes (picking up a 7'6 this week to add to my 8'2).

Absolutely amazing boards, someone is gonna be STOKED!


May 13, 2021
Bay Area
Both beautiful boards

I appreciate the write up on both sizes and the FM.

Currently looking for my first TL/HP and also very interested in an FM so it was helpful to read your breakdown.

Definitely let us know how the 7'10 rides in comparison.

Wrong coast