The Glory of the Glide


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Apr 26, 2007
USA Hawaii
WTF, this DVD came out 3 yrs ago and the only place that I buy it at is in Japan. Anybody knows if the the rights are owned by a Japanese Company. I mean c'mon on now. Skip Frye, Josh Hall, Devon Howard, Jen Smith very common Japanese names, right. I thought by now I could easily get this puppy from Ebay or Amazon, No Bueno. Anyone knows what gives?



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Jan 11, 2016
Wilmington NC
All about the market. Pavel, Skip , Josh and the likes ship a ton of boards over. I follow a few shops on Instagram from Japan and the boards available are crazy.
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Patrick Riley

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May 15, 2018
Jacksonville Beach
The Japanese market pretty much drives the high end surfboard market, or at least that's what I was told recently by someone who ships a lot of boards and does a lot of business there.
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Nov 6, 2017
"The California General Store" in Japan seems to be hip and get boards that I wish I would find in the states


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May 8, 2013
USA Rhode Island
"The California General Store" in Japan seems to be hip and get boards that I wish I would find in the states


Many moons back I was doing some research on the Lost... Bottom Feeder because I was interested in finding out more about that flat rocker little board with the tri plane hull bottom and what made it Fly.
Well, I just started clicking and clicking and clicking and suddenly rocketing down a vortex where I found myself- in Japan.
I was looking at the ...Lost Bottom Feeder from angles I had never seen it before in something called Placebo construction.
I was also looking at 6 or 7 ...Lost models I had never even heard of complete with sponsored American pros doing 3 minute plus demo videos of them in waves in Japan.
I was dumbfounded and upon further investigation found out that the Japanese market pays a premium- and happily- for exclusivity to board models offered only to them.

They pretty much have their own little Universe of stuff there. I saw vehicles (sick Vans!) that we will never see- now imported- television commercials with several A list movie celebrities, and other stuff that just left me awestruck.
Not to mention the insane game shows.

I remember hen Steve Brom was almost impossible to get for a bit, and know he and quite a few others discovered and flourished Nicely in the Japanese market.
Good on them and good on Japan.