The board you’ll never sell


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May 11, 2016
USA Rhode Island
Jumping off the regrets thread, for those that have one, what’s the one (or multiple) board you’ll never sell?

Mine’s a bit of an odd one - not classic, or a heritage brand. Not something I’ll pass down to my nephew (a paipo will do him just fine). Nope - it’s just a 7-8 Austin pintail single fin. Picked it up when I was living in the Jamaica Plain section of Boston and surfing Winthrop (I’d move there for a few subsequent glorious years). First board I picked up from a smaller shaper before I knew of and became a huge Austin fanboy,

I’ve surfed them $h!t out if this board and it due to its scars and crappy repairs, it would scarcely be worth $200 to anyone else - but she’s priceless to me. Given I’m likely out of the water ‘til next fall, but should be up and at em by mid-spring, I just might have a go at restoring her integrity to some semblance of her former glory.



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Feb 19, 2004
LA, California
> 6'4" custom Von Sol shadow.
> 6'6" Doc (Surf Rx) finless USO.
> 9'6" Rusty Electraglide that I swear I'll ride again.


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Mar 5, 2020
Long Beach, CA
9’4 CC Flathead. It’s the bird I grab whenever I feel like I’ve been riding too many different boards too often... it’s my home base.

Cool looking planshape, which is what lured me in initially. Rocker is flat, with a kick in the tail. Long, ultra blended concave that runs from entry to 2/3’s back, then into a rolled bottom all the way out the tail. It’s an exciting board to ride. Maybe not the most utilitarian vehicle one could imagine, but I always get out of the water stoked and smiling.