Surftechs that you really like


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Mar 6, 2004
Hermosa Beach, California
Little Al: "I was in Thailand many years ago and I could have eaten on $.50 a day, where as here in the good old USA it would have cost me $5.00 a day to eat."


Dang. I wish I had restaurants with your pricing! Maybe I just eat too much.

Good post.



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Jul 29, 2004
would that be a creme and tyler warren collaboration?

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A good friend of mine rides a red and yellow walden magic, we call him Ronald McDonald when he rides it!!!!  But he also surfs better than anyone Ive ever seen!!!!!, around here anyway!
That's what mine looks like. Only difference is I often look as silly as Ronald McDonald when I am surfing mine. I agree with all thhe comments about the colors on these pop-outs. Throw some more R&D $ at the color thing. Hey, what about getting Robbie Kiegel (sp?) to do some Creme Surftech models?!?!?! :cool::cool::cool:


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Jan 11, 2005
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little AL wrote:
Most of the people that surf can go into a surf shop and pick up a board right off the rack, I am not most people. I have to order my boards custom, or I could just buy one of the 11', or 12' Surftec's. I go with the custom board, because I like to mess around with designs, if there is something that I do not like about my board or if I think there is something that will make it ride better for me, I just talk to my shaper and have that changed. You can't do that with a Surftec, what you get is what you get. Most people out there don't mess around with there boards like a few of us do, anyway so there is nothing wrong with a Surftec for these people. How many people out there have changed out there fin or even moved the fin it the box? I have talked to people that have never moved the fin on there board and have surf it for 3 years or more.
When you look at most of the posts on this topic and related ones, it seems like people's primary values fall into three camps. There are those like poser who seem to place most value on some "higher" cause beyond surfing and measure things that way. There are those who place a higher value on pride of ownership. These are board collectors who feel the 9'2" Tak pintail they bought is the best board on the planet. They may be good surfers and it may be a good board for them, but the fact it is a Tak shop board is as important as how it surfs. There are those like you, Al, that value how a board surfs above any other factor. It is the experience the board give that is of highest value.

As long as we have people who have these different value systems (which will be forever) we will have these ongoing debates on the best boards and who makes them. There is no final winner, only interesting discussion.

I happen to be in the camp that values the experience the board gives. By now I have owned a couple stock boards and about a dozen different custom boards. Having experieced feeling the difference that even minor changes in the design can cause, my bias is that anyone who buys any stock board (glass, epoxy or plastic) is just rolling the dice regarding whether it is the best performing board for them or not. It is as much a gamble for a Surftech or a shop board out of Stewart's in San Clemente. It is other factors like where they want to spend their money, the pride of ownership, access to shapers, inexperiece, etc. that cause people to buy stock boards. I don't fault people for making this decision, so there is no right or wrong here, just the difference in what people value.


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May 10, 2006
i think a nine year old boy in a sweatshop did the drawing.

most creme boards are resin tints .not art

here are a couple

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Feb 26, 2004
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I've owned and ridden numerous surftech boards over the years and love them. As a 230 lbs, 5'7" guy I learned how to surf on a 11'0 Mickey Munoz Super Glide, when new models came out, I moved down 10'6" Mickey Munoz Glide. I've owned both Munoz for over 3 years with no damage. On the next new model I bought was the 10' Infinity Rad Noserider, which I think it the best all around board for us big guys. I've also owned the 10' Haut Cowell's Special which didn't work well for me. I own a 10' Bear Waikiki Special that I finally gotten the hang of this week.

I'm on vacation this week in Hawaii and a friend lent me at 11' Takayama Prince Kuhio, this has got to be the best over 10' surftech board ever. I was out in Waianae yesterday catching 3-5 ft waves the board was solid, turned very smoothly and was a blast to noseride. I would recommend this board for big guys 225+ lb guys. The board feels like it would do well in big waves too, it has a rounded pin tail.

My three favorite Surftech's are as ordered 1) 10' Infinity Rad Nose Rider. 2) 10' Bear Waikiki Special. 3) 11' Takayama Prince Kuhio. I have six more days to surf here before returning to Texas, it's been great seeing old friends and meeting new ones. I hear about the corkiness of the boards all the time, if that's the case you're on a wrong model, get a thinner board dude. Great surfers can surf a variety of boards. Good surfers adapt well to different boards and break conditions. I've surfed in Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Hawaii and now Texas, it's been a great experience meeting lots of different people. I am a moderate surfer since I can't surf daily, this trip I've done some things that I've never done before and am proud of my surfing. Go surf!