Surftechs that you really like


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May 10, 2006
someone forgot to tell cj neson,alex knox and some of the other greats that they would noseride better on surftechs:cool:

just busting.that was a nice photo.g-unit wrote:
i have to admit all you people saying what is wrong with them i dont see the same problems. I ride my ten foot hap almost is ugly but those of you who say you snap them and ding them i dont know what the hell you are doing to them....i snapped four poly boards in six months and only bought a surftech to see how it held up. i have had it for over a year now and ride it all year winter included in head high and bigger waves. I can still duck dive i havent put a single pressure ding in it and dont think it rides as bad as everyone says. i think there is a huge snob factor in determining likes and dislikes. It doesnt represent the spirit of surfing if there is such a thing but it provides all the stoke i need when i need it. I am a big guy and i ride that board has held up in head high waves breaking in two feet of water with my big self trying to make air drop floaters. The only thing i have noticed is maybe a small loss of control due to the rails being a little softer. I think it is close mindedness that is slowing their sales.

This is what i think of them not nose riding!


Feb 16, 2004
Central Coast, USA
I added a deck patch (and traction straps) covering the entire 10 feet of my Infinity Rad Noserider - Surftech. It probably added around 2 pounds and may have dampened the chatter. I figure it probably makes it a bit more stable and similar to a poly ride. I also like the added softness on my ribs.

Oops....don't tell me.......not using wax lacks soul too.

I have wax on my other boards but I like this better - although I don't like the extra expense. I don't have to worry about it in a hot car.


richard tator

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Jan 22, 2006
USA New Jersey
I have an 11' Munzo and have a ball on it!!!!, Its lighter than my 9"6" poly (easy to carry), I can turn the hell out of it, It noserides good,(took some getting used to), and I can ride invisable waves.

It was beautful when I got it, Wood model, but the outer wood shell cracks easey, and is only hotcoated with poly resin. The glass is under the wood. It dosnt like being left in sun but I leave it on top of my van anyway. Its ageing like a house in Hatteras!!!!!!


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Oct 7, 2004
I had wanted to respond to your original post, but got bogged down in other things at the time, tarheel, but I totally agree with you. I had an afternoon on an ST "In the Pink" and had so much fun that it will soon be in my quiver as well. (BTW, I have around 30 boards, not one an epoxy)
I have also appreciated slosurfs well reasoned posts on the matter and ditto most of his remarks, as well as some others comments that reflect the same sense.Some may even be surprised that I've heard good reports about the epoxy ST "ITP" come from CJ Nelson himself! Ha!
Alas, no matter who loves it or hates it, as Benny said "ride what you like".
Has anybody ever seen Kevin Miske ride his own model? A 10ft. ST epoxy tri-fin!!!! And WITH soul!!
Hey g-unit, nice photo!:dude:

chris a

Feb 17, 2004
Several years ago a road an early Woodie model (can't remember which one). It was sorta corky and had too much rocker. I didn't particularily like it mostly because of the rocker issue.

I've also ridden a friend's Takayama tri-fin longboard in a hollow chest+ day at the Newport Jetties. It was fast (low rocker) and manuvarable I thought. I don't see his model made anymore it was an SII or something. I did enjoy surfing it.

Putting aside the whole foreign vs US made/slave wage issues its all about the shape of the board to me more than the Epoxy vs. polyester resin issue. A good shape is a good shape and you'll feel it.

The one thing I don't like about Surftechs is that they spend a lot of time and thought on making their boards ugly. Ugly doesn't effect how it surfs but certainly how you think about a board at least for me. What's up with the easter egg color schemes? Randy are you listening?

richard tator

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Jan 22, 2006
USA New Jersey
A good friend of mine rides a red and yellow walden magic, we call him Ronald McDonald when he rides it!!!! But he also surfs better than anyone Ive ever seen!!!!!, around here anyway!


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Apr 2, 2006
USA New Jersey
agreed becker is phenomenal...he surfed the pop out walden magic in our log jam last year and he does rip....he is smooth he puts it rail to rail and if you didnt know you would never think he was riding a pop out. Unfortunately like my hap it is yellow with a red 8 in stipe down the middle. at least his stripe is only on the top mine is onthe bottom also. My friends call it oscar does look like a hot dog

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Sep 1, 2004
USA Maryland
richard tator wrote:
A good friend of mine rides a red and yellow walden magic, we call him Ronald McDonald when he rides it!!!!  But he also surfs better than anyone Ive ever seen!!!!!, around here anyway!
That's what mine looks like. Only difference is I often look as silly as Ronald McDonald when I am surfing mine. I agree with all thhe comments about the colors on these pop-outs. Throw some more R&D $ at the color thing. Hey, what about getting Robbie Kiegel (sp?) to do some Creme Surftech models?!?!?! :cool::cool::cool: