Surftechs that you really like


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Sep 1, 2004
USA Maryland
nasalpassage wrote:
The snapped ones in the trash cans at the beach
To me a perfecty legitimate response if it is rooted in the fact that one personally doesn't like the way they ride or like their construction. If so, then there is nothing whatsoever wrong with expressing an opinion even a passionate one. It's the responses that sound like fundamentalist rants by tunnel-visioned zealots about soul or globalism that are just plain stupid.


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Feb 11, 2005
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my poly boards actually speak to me in voices inside my head so its gotta be its soul

never heard any voices in a surftech so it must not have soul

of course my living room plants speak in tongues and my dog breathes fire so maybe I'm not the best person to consult with


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Aug 2, 2006
Poser, maybe you should get James Brown to shape you a board...He is after all the Godfather of Soul.

little AL

Feb 17, 2004
I have surf the 10'6, 11', and 12' Munos, as well as the 10'4 Yater, the 10' Velzy, and the 10'4 board works Apai. I do not like any of them. I have been told by friends that have surftec and like them that I need to ride one for a while and I will grow to like it. For me every time I go out surfing I want to enjoy myself, I can't aford to spend 5 or 6 weeks growing to like a board. So for me I don't like any of the Pop outs. I on the other hand am having made a 3 lb EPS board glassed with epoxy after I get it and surf it I will report on wheather or not I like the EPS board, this board has been in the make since Feb of this year, and I'm bumbed at how long it has taken to get as far as I have. This board will be shaped by a master craftman from the good old US of A. So at least it will have soul, I hope.


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Feb 17, 2004
Polyester and Polyurethane are plastic as well. I normally don't feed the trolls, but ignorance that blatant deserves a correction.

Otherwise...deja vu all over again. Ride what you like. :skull:


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May 10, 2006
are any of the shapers giving boards to ST to try and copy under 50? i say try cause they are not really the same as original. the weight isnt the same and that affects how the rails ect move through the water.also the ST usually looses a little of the shape details in the process.

i dont like riding them,i dont like how they are made.but live and let live.ride what makes you happy.

good thing the anti ST crowed doesnt throw red paint like the anti fur coat crowd:D


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Jun 3, 2005
USA California
had the 9'0 stephen slater, liked it when it was sheet glass and thats about it. replaced with a 9'4 hornet. no comparison. in hawaii last week rented a 12' munoz to ride at pops and queens and must say i liked it. connected sections well while still feeling relatively small. id be curious to ride a similar shape in poly. if i ever come across $800 after i get a vpin, nosedevil, mandala twin keel, hunt new dimension i might have to think about getting one


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Apr 3, 2005
I simply don't see any advantage in Surftech's, and many disadvantages.

They're absolutely horrible as logs. They lack the weight needed for long noserides and they don't have the glide that a poly log does. They also chatter, are too corky, and allow for no customization whatsoever.

They're overpriced for the quality of construction.

When they ding, they suck in water, and are expensive to repair.

They aren't nearly as ding resistant as they advertise, and the lack of flex causes them to snap much more than poly boards.

The business model doesn't foster, and actually discourages the experimentation of new shapes and concepts. If Surftech controlled the market and didn't have to compete with hand-shapes, I don't think for one second that they would continue to try and progress their shapes. Shapers on the other hand, are driven by experimentation and take pride in producing boards that work and are correctly sized for an individual.

I've had 2, a CI flyer and a Takayama, and I had the same boards in polyester. There was no comparison, the Surftechs are dogs.

They're ugly.


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Jan 22, 2005
Aint' sure about soul, and I've never had a board talk to me, but I have had one come up and smack me in the nose so there must be something to this.

If you like surftech go for it. Myself when I rode one ( a rental in Maui) I felt like I needed earplugs cause the chop was like a damn drum. Corky, not good in chop, all those were my impressions, but maybe it's all in what you are used to.

Course if they made me surf like TT Ed on the nose I'd probably buy one today regardless of all the downsides (but I'd hate myself in the morning).

Gotta ask yourself one thing - are you having fun?


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Apr 2, 2006
USA New Jersey
i have to admit all you people saying what is wrong with them i dont see the same problems. I ride my ten foot hap almost is ugly but those of you who say you snap them and ding them i dont know what the hell you are doing to them....i snapped four poly boards in six months and only bought a surftech to see how it held up. i have had it for over a year now and ride it all year winter included in head high and bigger waves. I can still duck dive i havent put a single pressure ding in it and dont think it rides as bad as everyone says. i think there is a huge snob factor in determining likes and dislikes. It doesnt represent the spirit of surfing if there is such a thing but it provides all the stoke i need when i need it. I am a big guy and i ride that board has held up in head high waves breaking in two feet of water with my big self trying to make air drop floaters. The only thing i have noticed is maybe a small loss of control due to the rails being a little softer. I think it is close mindedness that is slowing their sales.

This is what i think of them not nose riding!

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