Surftechs that you really like


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Feb 19, 2004
LA, California
Really like my Rusty 8'6" DI and my 6'4" Hynson (Boardworks) twinzer fish. Had an 8' CI M13 and three Surftech longboards that I did not like and sold.

NJ Longboarder

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Jan 3, 2005
I like my the Tak Steven Slater and I have a surftech fish. The boardworks Walden Magic is also a great board, unfortunately mine is in two pieces now.

As for soul, I have a few other boards in the rack with plenty of soul, so I filled my quota. I hope my soul boards don't pick on the surftech when I'm not looking. But I guess there is no soul in being a bully.

I think surftechs are an interesting addition to a quiver. If I could only have one board, it would probably be a poly or handshaped EPS. Surftechs aren't the best boards in choppy conditions. To each his/her own.


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Sep 1, 2004
USA Maryland
NJ Longboarder wrote:
...I think surftechs are an interesting addition to a quiver.  If I could only have one board, it would probably be a poly or handshaped EPS.  Surftechs aren't the best boards in choppy conditions. ...
My sentiments exactamundo, NJLB


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Jul 21, 2005
Cambridge, MA
I like my 12' Munoz Super Glide. I get the earliest takeoffs ever. I bought it to stand-up paddle, but, it's great riding it in the usual way. From time to time, I can connect two peaks before either feathers -- unreal.


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Mar 18, 2006
Poser: My entire quiver is made up of hand made boards. That alone would make it easy for me to agree with you, but the fact is, I want to ride waves and I will ride whatever feels best to me. Pop outs just don't feel right to me. In my case, I ride hand shaped boards, but I have no problem with pop outs and do not judge guys who buy them. You talk about love of the ocean and the art of wave riding like you cannot do both on a "plastic" stick. I have seen kids riding plywood in third world countries who are having more fun than most of the guys I see in the line up every day in SoCal. Ride what works for you and enjoy the ocean.


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Mar 2, 2004
poser = loser

To help you "GET IT" you need to see the light. Try this:

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Mar 7, 2004
Wow, poser, that is a pretty harsh indictment of a bunch of people you do not know, and that is not so soulful either. Perhaps some of the soulless folks around here have done more "soulful" things than riding a polyester custom surfboard (an awesome experience, but ultimately the pursuit of one's own pleasure). Take a long look at your life - the car you drive, what you burn in it, the house you live in, the food you eat, the materials you consume, before being so self-righteous, and ponder whether a little humility, perhaps even an apology, might be in order.

poser516 wrote:
but what i dont understand--even if you do enjoy the ride, and even go as far as believing that they work better then any other surfboard (everybody has an opinion and thats great), how does it not boether you that you are riding waves on the most powerful force on earth, the ocean, with a plastic surfboard made in china with absolutley no soul or care what so ever, with nothing in mind but profit. the most exploitable surfboard in the whole world, reaping your love for the ocean and wave riding for all it's worth. the absolute cheapest blow to the art of riding waves.

how can you just not give a f*ck?

i mean, do you care about ANYTHING? or are you a middle aged overweight drone of an american (like most americans are, statistically speaking) who probably can't get much of an erection anymore and has lost all grasp of the fact that the best things in life are free? because the two are very directly related. please help me GET IT.


Feb 16, 2004
Central Coast, USA
I like my 10 foot, Infinity Rad Noserider, Surftech version. Many people on this site recommended it and it works great - very stable and easy to nose ride and very easy to paddle and also very easy to catch mushy waves with, which is why I bought it. A few people on this board, probably Benny and/or Little Al, pointed out that some designs are much better in Surftech form than others, that they seem to take advantage of the characteristics inherent to the Surftech construction and materials much better than other designs. So I think asking which Surftech boards people on this form like is a great question. I really appreciated the comments and recommendations from many members of this board given to me on the subject. Thanks.