Surfing year round


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Jul 31, 2021
Los Angeles
Long term girlfriend and I broke up. I work remotely in southern ca. It's time to change things up. No kids, 37. Would love to go somewhere with year round surfing while saving money. Sayulita is a major bummer. Saladita is great but prices are getting high for rentals, at least on airbnb and I dont have friends there. Has anyone here lived in Ziha? nexpa seems cool but not sure how reliable the internet is or how safe. Just tossing it out there to see if anyone can offer sage advice if they've lived abroad in search of the stoke.

I realize the privilege of this post and my mobility. Feels necessary to say that given all the dark news in the world. Thanks, in advance, for any tips. Peace.


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Nov 10, 2020
oceanside ca
not sure what your finance / work situation is... but if it was me i would post up in Costa Rica or Australia. Both have enough non surfing things to keep you occupied. I think places too remote might get a bit lonely after a while.