Surfing can give you so much if you let it

Discussion in 'Surfing' started by LittleComptonSurfer, Jul 25, 2020.

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    I am not a huge poster here and pretty much stay quiet. However, with all the craziness going on in the world today, I felt compelled to share some Aloha with this positive surf story that got my stoke meter pinned.

    I apologize in advance for the long winded story...

    So just a little backstory to set this up.

    For me surfing all started because I was very lucky that my family had a summer house and cabana at a beach in RI that had waves. One day, late in the afternoon I was sitting on the steps of our cabana waiting for my Mom to get all my younger brothers and sisters cleaned up and ready to go. While I was sitting there looking out at the waves with my brother, some local surfers started to arrive just getting off work. There was a barge that had recently run aground that created some favorable sandbars for some nice rights directly in front of our cabana. I thought these guys were so cool and they ripped. After watching them, I was on a mission to try surfing. Luckily for my brother and I, there was an older teenage girl in the next cabana that was super hot and some surfers had lent her a very heavy beater longboard that was stored under the cabana. My brother and I got up the courage to ask her to use it. She saw the looks on our faces and quickly said absolutely. My brother grabbed the tail and I grabbed the nose and we carried it down to the water. Two kooks with no idea what we were doing, but our stoke meter was pinned that day. After that day we were both addicted. I will never forget the kind gesture of that teenage girl letting us borrow the board. It is such a small gesture, but one I remember vividly and was the starting point for my love and passion for surfing.

    Fast forward 35 years later I was surfing one of my favorite spots in RI on a good south swell. I noticed a young teenage girl by herself surfing next to me. A solid shoulder high set came through and she was in a good spot for the first wave and she went for it. I was taking off on the second wave of that set, I remember thinking to myself, watch out for that girl she probably did not make the drop and is probably going to be in my way as I drop into this wave. To my surprise, she made the drop and I saw her paddling back out way down the line where I had kicked out. To my surprise, she was a pretty good surfer. While I was walking back to my truck from that session, I bumped into a fellow JB at his car and realized that the girl surfer was his daughter. It all made sense. So stoked because I have twin daughters who are 11 and are just starting to get into surfing.

    Fast forward about a year, and that JB reached to me in regards to a tufflite model-T I had for his daughter. I thought to myself, that would be a great board for her because I had noticed what she was riding that day we surfed together. We met up soon after that and I gave him the board with the plan for her to try and if it was a good fit, we could work out something - money/trade. Some time went by and I did not hear anything. I reached out and he quickly responded and sent me a photo of her with the board and said the model-T was working out great for his daughter. He asked what I wanted for the board. I thought about the memory I have of the hot girl cabana neighbor from many years ago and the kind gesture she provided my brother and I lending us the longboard. I told the JB, you know what - pay it forward. Whatever you were going to give me - money/surfboard - you and your daughter please do something nice for someone in need that revolves around surfing and sharing the Aloha.

    Here is the text thread I received yesterday from that JB.

    I was waiting for this moment !!
    Today I was selling a used SUP
    So this woman comes with two kids
    Single mom
    So I have the SUP
    And in the back of my truck I have these two old Shortboards
    So they jumped into it and look into those boards like we look into a new skip fry
    To make it short...

    Now they have a board each
    And that Thanks to you
    Paso it on !!
    Sebastian. That is fucking awesome!!! That picture made me emotional...the karma gods will reward 10 fold. I hope you felt as good as I did helping your daughter out with the model t. That fact it was a great board for her and she would have fun, it made me feel so good....
    I am stoked for you..
    Very well done..
    Thanks for sharing.
    We need a good day at the K
    We do
    Those kids looked so stoked
    I thought of you
    Just seeing those kids smile
    Single mom
    They will remember that forever. That is powerful
    All the planets aligned
    And we are blessed that we can do it
    Some people want
    And they can’t
    I blame you for this happiness
    Thank you so much
    The mom was like ...
    Why are you doing this ?
    I said
    Is a boomerang
    All comes back
    And told those kids Jackson and Eloise
    You guys will do the same for someone else when you grow up
    Surfing can give you so much if you let it...
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    Feb 15, 2007
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    Spot on. Well done to both of you. Tenfooter paying it forward.
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  3. Bighouse

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    Feb 21, 2012
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    Thank you for posting. If giving feels good your doing something right!
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  4. kpd73

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    May 8, 2013
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    Right on Joe
    You're a great father, friend, and one of my all time favorite people to share that wave with.
    This was really great to read and not surprised it was you and Sebastian involved.
    Hooking someone up with a board is planet moving energy, and to a grom is star shifting.

    All time boys.
    All time.
  5. deemce

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    Can you multi-like a post??
    Well done Joe and Sebastian.....and as we all know, the Aloha comes back to you.
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    Jun 15, 2010
    As a Dad that has a 9 y/o daughter that scored a sweet board from Jamaj for a song this really hit me in the feels. Passing the on the stoke is such a great gift. Well done guys.

    But since I'm a bad guy and whenever I hear RI (Farrely bros) and single mom - I instantly think of 1 thing!
  7. Tenfooter

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    Nov 12, 2014
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    Holy crap Joe. Goosebumps .
    I really got to thank you . Your gesture ran deep. And I hope It will set an example of what we can do every once in a while . It doesn’t take much at all.
    Those boards meant nothing to me. But the smiles on those kids who never had a board , probably no one cared to teach them the basics, etc..
    I went home thinking how spoiled we are
    How lucky we are
    I went home thanking you for showing me that with not much , we can do sooooo much .
    It was magical how they stepped out of the car and ran directly towards the boards.
    O think it was meant to happen.
    Thanks again Joe and to everyone who can help in anyway to anyone .

    And that’s Mercedes with Joes gift .

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    Jan 31, 2020
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    It's the boomerang effect... Pay it forward. Thanks for sharing Joe!

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