Surfboard Review Section FAQ


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Nov 15, 2016
This is a forum for learning about the new Surfboard Reviews section. This is not a forum for posting actual reviews.

How to Find the Review Section

There is a tab at the top that says Reviews. Or on mobile you will find a link in the navigation menu. Here is a direct link to the reviews section:

Adding an Item and Writing a Review - Two Steps
Writing a review is a two step process. First you must submit your item. Click the Add Item button. Share the facts and images. Save your review and your opinions for step two. After you have submitted your item, a button will appear on your item's page that says "write a review." Click that button and share your review, including a star rating.

Alerts in this Forum
When members share items and reviews, a thread is automatically posted in this forum with a link to the review. Those threads are informative. While you can post to those threads, if you have a comment or want to react to a review, the best place for that is on the comments section on the review itself.

Questions or Suggestions about the Review section?
Post them in this forum.