Surfboard glassing schedule preferences

Mar 2, 2017
I've been riding hull variations for a few years now and all have volan layups.
They're much heavier than standard E glass and S glass but the extra inertia that this layup offers works well.
I'm thinking I'd like to try something lighter, what weight S glass is Wayne proposing?
Volan has nothing to do with weight. It's a finish / wash on eglass....


Aug 10, 2019
Southern CA
Volan has nothing to do with weight. It's a finish / wash on eglass....
That's true... The initial iteration of my post mentioned volan weight used on my boards. 7.5 oz volan was used, a fair bit heavier than standard 6 oz E/S2 glass.
I'd like to try something a bit lighter for my next custom. I'm thinking S cloth, 6+4 oz on the deck and 6 oz on the bottom. Talking with Klaus Jones about a new board now...


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Nov 22, 2018
I have been giving a lot of thought to a longboard made with a Poly shaped blank with 4+4 S cloth on the deck and 6 S cloth on the bottom laid up with epoxy resin. This should produce a lighter stronger board that won’t have that annoying chattering and too much like a pool toy float of a typical eps/epoxy longboard.
since longboards have pushed well past the $1000.00 mark a relatively strong lighter longboard that also surfs well would be a no brained.
One of the reasons the ThunderBolt technology is so appealing is just that a lighter stronger board that seems to surf very well.
Any thoughts on this?

Chilly Willy

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Feb 15, 2004
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Great topic.

Man, you guys have impressive experience. I have to admit that when it comes to glassing schedule, I'm largely guessing. Even having done some of my own amateur backyard glassing, you'd think I might have learned something but still second guess myself and wonder if I'm going too light or too heavy. After the hot coat, I'll feel how heavy it has gotten and think "oh god, what have I done", but then I'll ride it and it feels okay to me, but I guess I never realize whether something else would have been better. How do you make your determinations? Ride characteristics? (ie. Too chattery = too light?) Durability? (ie. Tons of pressures, went too light?) Transportation nuisance (ie. Can't carry it = way too heavy?)

About S-glass: If it's stronger, do you typically go lighter with the weight? Or do you use the same weight and just get the benefit of added strength? I guess it depends on the board, but just wondering aloud.

Back to the original post: If I was getting a particular recommendation from the shaper, I think I would totally go with their recommendation.