Surf Craft Union Surfboard Review


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Nov 23, 2019
High Sierras, CA
Like you new studio. Nice graphics in the back ground.
You wanted to know If Donald Takayama Shaped that Board? If didn’t sign the Modle T the board. Then it was not shaped by Him. He signed all his Boards and even a few of the Boards by his Ghost Shampers. Ask Jim Phillips.
I was never that big on Donald Takayama's boards. I did ride a Jacobs Takayama Stepdeck(I assume he was the shaper of those) that was exceptional, but that Bing DT model was horrid. Perhaps one of the worst designs I ever came across. As far as his more modern boards, they were just so so from my standpoint. There were a lot of other boards being build by other shapers during that part of his life that I liked much better. However, I know he had his fans and if they were happy with his product, who am I to dispute that?


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Feb 2, 2021
Been kinda hibernating on new content for Surf Craft Union. But I hope you all enjoy this new feature called Heavy Glass.
Between the 1960’s and 1970’s some of the most iconic designs in surfcraft where developed and are still being used today. Surf Craft Union has always been interested in looking at classic designs that influence a whole movement of young shapers. So to get a better look into some of these lost but never forgotten shapes we teamed up with Greg Melega of @seafaringsurfcraft and @legaragelbi to get a better insight on the subject. Heavy Glass is a concept of Looking At The Past To Shape The Future. In this episode we check out a pristine 1967 Hansen Competitor. Although the board is almost 60 years old I see a lot of influence in modern logs from this concept and outline. Personally I would never want to just have a vintage log as my only longboard. But this board was actually a real treat to surf.


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