Sold. Phillips 11'0" Model AAA. Rhode Island $1500.

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Oct 20, 2021
Rhode Island
Hey my friends,

Jim Phillips 11’0” AAA.

Solid. 10/4 & 10 cloth. Not light. My favorite part is the momentum--electroglide.

Long swooping bottom turns with a 10.5” 4A, noseride with a 10" KD Miss Lucy, or loosen up with an 8.5” and let the foiled rails zip you along. Knee paddle into waves, glide, trim, cruise, walk, or crank it and reverse's versatile, not just "point and go." Especially if you're bigger/stronger than I am now at barely 170 lbs.

A work of art by Jim, finished by Mike at Color Wheel Glass.

Translucent tailblocks are made of finstock.

Couple of small dings and scratches were fixed by a local board builder.

Rhode Island.
Fin and 11' bag. (first surfer, helmet.)

Vid, order card, more images on Google Drive:

Open to trades. Like a 9’10 to 10’4 Bing Pocket Knife Speed, MMC, or Jim Phillips Stylist, ideally. (Dan, are you listening? :)

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