SOLD!!! Mandala ASQ 6’


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Apr 12, 2021
Hey jammers, I have a ASQ up for grabs.
9/10 condition. Dark green tint. (Looks rad in the water). 6’0” x 21” x 2-5/8”.

After all these years, still my favorite board design…

The Arc-Swallowtail (ASQ) finds its roots from a variety of sources: the template from George Greenough’s Velo spoon bisected by the deep swallowtail of the Mirandon family’s Twin Pin, spiral vee concave via the Campbell Brother’s Bonzer venturi bottoms, and quad fin placement voodoo from Rich Pavel’s Speed-Dialer.

Using the Arctail Quad design as a base platform for the ASQ, we’ve removed surface area from the tail to provide release through turns while allowing each tail element to flex for dynamic “variable rocker.” These boards become more responsive in hollower surf, where the deep swallowtails store and release energy in the same way good fin foils flex and twist. Access to speed becomes easy and immediate, and surfing them as short as possible reduces swing weight for faster response off the top.

The updated tail template features reduced tail surface area where the trailing edges of each fin meet the rail. These release points add curve to the tail template while preserving effective edge, allowing for tighter hooks in the pocket without sacrificing control or drive.


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