Sold**7'2" Mandala Clandestino FS/FT


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Aug 23, 2007
Vo Dielun. AKA Rhode Island
something for the hull-curious or Maniphiles. Perfect specimen of ideal proportions. Tuned-up and spicy; semi-good log sub when the line up is not too clogged, of course(does that even happen anymore)
Anyhow, rode this the other day and its a still a gas but overlaps with my Liddle. And even though it feels pretty strange I'm giving thought to downsizing for my golden (gold-plated) years.

vg cond. no dings, clean bottom, probably some deck pressures. I'd call it at least a 9/10

Ideally, I'd like a trade for a sub 7'6" vbowls, maybe an edge board that's not too blimpy, Certain Liddle's, Finelines or Serena's, or possibly some glider thingy in the 10' - 10'8 range. (can add cash for the right board)

or $950 cash finless, $1000 with Volan 4a.


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May 8, 2013
USA Rhode Island
I got a bigger buddy who is 6'2 ish 190+ish - more in winter gear - with this exact board.
Constantly astonished at the waves he is able to pick up and connect sections with.
Smooth glide high speed trim machine that holds a Beautiful line.

He's a solid surfer and he comes sprint paddling back out after every wave with that ear to ear lit up stoke you can't put a price on.


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Jun 2, 2010
PS I’d be on it like white on rice but I have a used 8’6 coming (because @Fubar won’t ever sell).

I jest. Kinda. But I do have an 8’6 coming.