So what were you doing (if you were alive) 52 years ago for the 1st moon landing


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Jun 7, 2012
visiting an uncle and auntie in cap cod...watched on an old B& a bungalo on the beach...
alas no waves...lottsa blue fish though!!


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Apr 6, 2021
Los Angeles
Wow. Puts me at about half a decade old only. Black and white TV and lots of hubbub. I’d just moved to the beach with Dad. Some favorite kid things were Space Food snacks and Billy Blastoff set. Oh, man! And that Thunderbirds TV show too. When it wasn’t space it was Godzilla and those angry Gargantuas.


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Nov 23, 2019
Three Rivers, CA
I remember the day as if it were yesterday. We were at a pool party in the San Fernando Valley at my Father's then girlfriends house(later to be his wife and my step mother)and her kids. We(the kids) were in the back bedroom listening to a Jimi Hendrix record when my dad called us into watch the landing. We all were watching the TV when Armstrong first stepped foot onto the moon. We watched the TV for about 15 more minutes, but being older teenagers at the time, we had the attention span of a potato and wandered back into the bedroom to listen to more music. My dad really got irritated with us thinking we weren't showing as much respect for the event as we should. It was just the times we were living in and there was no disrespect. Different generations with different points of views and interests.
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Jan 22, 2005
I was in an Army training barracks that had a tv and was able to watch it. Afterwards went outside to see that huge full moon and think that there was actually someone up there. Amazement.

Chilly Willy

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Feb 15, 2004
USA New Jersey
True story:

Nat Young and Mike Tabeling were on an East Coast tour for Weber. Staying in town for several days maybe a week. A group of us got together at a friend’s parents house to watch the landing on TV. Some of THEM were in ‘altered states’. Can’t forget that one.

Ha! And to this day, they are convinced that they themselves landed on the moon that night.

Awesome story.