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Jan 22, 2022
rAdelaide AU
Everyone knows this classic lump-in-your-throat line from the Sandlot: "At some point in your childhood, you and your friends went outside to play together for the last time and nobody knew it." In an unexpected turn of events, I reversed course on that quote this weekend and literally went outside to play again with one of my old childhood skate buddies.

Chris and I recently got back in touch after losing contact for a few decades, so I invited him out to the park for a few rips around the pump track and mini ramp. One of my fond memories from back then was learning to drop into ramps together, so it was also fun seeing him work up the courage to drop in again for the first time in decades. Just had to share that... what a blast.

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^ Old VHS footage, circa 1988 (Chris left, me right)

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^ 2023: Chris in the foreground, me in the background

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^ First time in decades (he made it)

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Yeowwww. Chris has still got it.


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May 31, 2021
San Diego
More good surf skate supply news for north San Diego county. These folks in Carlsbad are US sellers of till recently impossible to get things:

They have Yow, Smoothstar, and Souboardiy stuff on the wall next to Carver and Hamboard stuff, and a great fenced off parking lot area to try out boards. Big collection too - like they have the original Smoothstar adapter next to their just released next gen thing.

Thinking of getting a Soulboardiy deck from them. They were absurdly priced last year and shipped internationally with long wait times. Status didnt have one built yet but the torsion flex combined with longitudinal bending stiffness is obvious standing on the deck on a rubber mat. "Could be weird" to have engineered flex and may hate it, but its got the concaves I like in the Kai Lenny deck, a bit more width where it matters, and I have some Yow clone trucks and wheels to put on something.

From Reddit, a lot of people seem to like it. Worth a shot.


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Dec 25, 2005
United Kingdom
Learnt a couple of new tricks last week.....

Doesn’t seem to have been dry enough to skate much for weeks


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May 31, 2021
San Diego
I finally got around to building and trying the Soulboardiy deck I picked up:


Used my latest Yow clones which are not *exactly* the same as the ones on the Dragon (taller board sidd bushing required) but its very close. Middle front holes = same wheelbase.

Only rode it a day but really like it. Direct comparison to the Dragon: it is lighter (because thinner) and does flex "torsionally" the same way the Thunderbolt boards do. You can see in person (not photos) that there is an "X" of something on both sides, which I assume is part of the composite (carbon) filament layers they put in for controlled flex.

Whether it's better or worth it is going to be subjective. Where I think Thunderbolt is a fit for surfing, I can see liking my very stiff Carver Dragon where the trucks snd bushings do all the work sometimes, or the Souboardiy.

It *is* very lively and it does wind up. If you snowboard (the makers are snowboarders in Europe and this suits them) it feels a lot like that flex. If you're an active, pumping surf skater that wind up will probably be awesome. If you think a board feels too "dead" (the Smoothstar decks come to mind) this is probably the answer.

The shape otherwise is pretty much exactly what a surf skate should be. Wide footwells, good concave about like the Dragon (Carver Hyperspoon), and a generously wide tail for pumping and control.

I think I am going to like it more than the Dragon eventually but its taking some getting used to. Its whippier to me among other things. But I also seem to have more control.

FWIW the shop guys like it more already, and they of course surf skate all day...

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