Show us yer Glider!


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Jan 8, 2016
USA California
I've been dreaming of this day for over 5 years lmao (well maybe with a lot better waves). To catch that outside wave and connect it, and on a board like this. This is zoomed in a ton so you don't get an accurate sense of the distance, but growing up surfing Newport I never thought minute long rides were possible outside of Cape St. Francis or Jeffries - especially so close to home.

Gliding this little wave was a lot more fun in person than it is to watch the Surfline replay haha. There are two waves in this clip. In the first, you can kinda tell how quickly I was able to gain on the guy in front if I wanted to. This board has a kind of drive that's addicting in better waves. And the second wave in this clip I love how the board outlasted the SUP'er.

But big or small, clean or windy, this is what I feel like riding a glider is all about. These aren't for the spectators on the beach. Just purely for the rider and getting more connected to the waves and the ocean.



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Dec 10, 2014
USA California
10' 6" Rich Pavel


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Apr 6, 2021
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Clocking in at 8’0 this one is a tad small. Luckily, there’s a 10’7 coming along soon.

The 10’6 Rich Pavel is rather nice.

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