Shark Bite Survival Technique


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May 9, 2010
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Hey All-

While I’ve been lucky to have never had any scares with the man in the gray suit, there seem to be more attacks every year. Oftentimes those bites are to the leg and this article is about that:

An Aussie doctor who’s also a surfer came upon the idea after attacks in Oz waters and the technique centers on stopping blood flow in the femoral artery which supplies blood to the leg. Pressing hard with the fist halfway between the hip and the groin stops up to 90% of blood flow in the femoral, dramatically betterr than a tourniquet (which stops less than 50% of flow).

Here’s to hoping none of us ever have to use it but, like the Heimlich maneuver, etc, it’s a good one to know just in case.

Happy Friday everyone.