Seeking Log (And/Or Other) To Buy (NYC area)


May 31, 2022
New York
Hey there, Jammers

Am looking to buy a used log (can be a beater). Ideally, seeking something of a classic nose rider anywhere between 9'6"-10'0" x 23" (or so) x 3" (or so)...bonus points if it is an old-time-y label like Bing, Jacobs, Hansen, G & S, Phillips, etc, etc, but totally open to really anything. Not looking to spend more than $700.00, otherwise, I'd just buy something new off the racks.

Anyway, hit me up if you have something just collecting dust, but still super rideable that you want to unload. I live in NYC (LES), and can meet you in the city, The Rockaways, or possibly Long Beach/The Hamps/or even Jerz, but that is a bit more challenging for me logistically...

Also interested in 9'0-9'2" Trimmer...longer Mini-Simmons type fish-y thing...