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Discussion in 'Surfing' started by Chilly Willy, Feb 7, 2019.

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    Aug 29, 2013
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    the best of secret spots tend to be reliable reefs, simply because sandbars come and go. Up here in Oregon it's a lot less about protecting secret spots and a lot more about finding a newly formed sandbar and keep absolutely mum about it.

    my favorite moment illustrating and Matty are changing into our wetuits where a newly formed left hander is peeling from the outside into the rivermouth itself when his phone rings, one of his best friends calling..."No man, been looking, haven't seen anything worth a paddle out...uh, uh, I'll call you if I see anything"....hangs up, looks over at me, shrugs, and continues to put on his
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    My "secret spot" is actually just surfing the extreme inside section at my point. Most of the traffic and or buoys perch off the point or the reform section middle peak....when I don't feel like paddling, tired or just want to switch it up....I take my 8' 88 softie out and have a fricken blast! Sometimes remembering the joy of just riding waves- not the biggest or the best but just because that is what you love to do...puts a big smile on my face.

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    Loose lips sink ships. I've always abided by my mantra: Seek and ye shall find.
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    I thought I'd revive this thread with an update. Back in February, I was completely bummed out when a beloved secret spot went public. I took some inspiration from Zippy's post about exploration and was determined to find myself a nice little spot that's off everyone else's radar.

    Our greater area surrounding my local has been largely ruined after our recent beach replenishment project, so I wanted to be sure I had something worthwhile to surf for the summer. I thought outside the box, went elsewhere, and got busy with Google Maps to pick a couple spots along the coast to check. Then I went 21st century with it: I flew a drone down the beach to scope out the sandbars from above. (Yes, I am fully aware that some of you hate drones and will probably flame me for it. But what the heck, it gave me a much better range, efficiency, and perspective to scope out the spots I wanted to see without driving down every little nook and cranny all day long.) From the aerial view, I zeroed in on a couple different sandbars that looked like they had potential. One of them -- now known as "Bobcats" -- has been very consistent and has become my new go-to spot. I intend to surf the heck out of it until every last grain of sand washes down the beach. Sorry for bragging a bit, but I have been stoked out of my gourd all month, especially since it was really pretty fun to find it via drone.

    Yes, I told my buddies. (Yes, even "Big Mouth Matty" from my original post.) I had intended to never tell anyone anything ever again, but I'm glad that I did. We've all had a really nice time surfing there together, talking to death about our sessions, being stoked on planning ahead to the next session or DP, etc. That kind of camaraderie one of the nice things about surfing to begin with.

    Here are some shots of the last few sessions at Bobcats, some of which I've already shared:





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    Yup that will work:cool:
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