Puerto Rico update ?


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Aug 23, 2007
last I heard you just need to have a negative test. no quarantine. I had thought about going in a week or so.
On the ground(there) there are probably a number of complications to anticipate. Do you know Johna? She is living there now and could probably answer specific questions. I think there are a couple of jammers who post here who are there as well. Maybe they can fill us in.


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May 11, 2016
USA Rhode Island
Reach out to @TonyPR - he’s a good guy and great resource for all things PR. I hit him up a couple times when we were considering visiting the island again - didn’t end up going to PR (DR first time, Barbados cancelled due to COVID), but he had some good intel.

Patrick Riley

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May 15, 2018
Jacksonville Beach

Talked to a friend down there who said it seems ok so far and when asked about bringing my family she said she wouldn't have any hesitation. Said surf has been good and empty. As already stated, must have a negative test result within 72hrs of entry. Also said there are some more restrictions similar to some of larger U.S. cities. ie: restaurant's with 50% capacity and social distancing on beaches or masks (not enforced on beaches.) Booked flights through Spirit into San Juan (No flights for Aguadilla scheduled until Jan 6th or so) 12/25-1/4 w/ travel insurance. Found an Airbnb w/ free cancellation and full refund in Sandy Beach within 5 days of arrival.

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